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Hahahaha, I just gotta put this down. The other day Nuffnang got bombarded with being racist and all in their competitions. And Im not saying that they are but for this round, they are trying too hard to win back the Malay Nuffnangers' heart. Its just hilarious, guys, aint you peeps doing it too "menghin"? Dont tell me youre doing it because of Ramadhan period, so when Ramadhan over then how? So now you guys finally "got it" that you also need to polish their shoes is it and not only those celebrity bloggers that you guys are so keen to suck up with? Hahahaha.

Uhuh, am LOL on this matter.... both to the ever sensitive Malay bloggers out there and to Nuffnang's way of covering backside and marketing. DOO-doo-DOO-doo.......

Haha, 6 months after my first 2010 post.... *shakes head and takes pity on self* I have indeed lost my passion to blog, just dont know why, perhaps I've got no time, or simple said; I AM LAZY. Or perhaps I'm Facebooking too often now to update everything about my life on that piece of unhealthy squat. *heh*

Neways, let's do a quick update... I'm married. Oh wait, I think I've mentioned that 4 years ago. Right, let's move to the next one. I'm married with no kids in planning yet. Well don't give me that look! We are doing FINE down there its just that our wallet arent, ahhahahaha.... geez! Give us a break and stop questioning us when! I am not gonna poop one out just for the sake of having one and not considering our future's expenditure. Unless of course if I can find myself, or rather, my future kid a rich Godfather wakakakaka... then I'll worry less on education fundings!

I am still self employed, but a broke one. So dont ask me to go mall hoppings with you and do some shopping. I am still learning to be an entrepreneur-ess who is not broke all the time. *takes pity on self again* Don't be surprise to find me growing crops someday because I might, ain't giving up hope on finding that right business to do. And while am at it, I'll continue to have myself managing my blogshops. Oh, I'll probably grow potatoes, who knows, since I'm fond of them ahahahha...

My 'daughter' has given birth to a quadruplet. You can find me updating their status and pics on Facebook if you're on my list. I'm a fulltime grandma at the moment who's taking care of these little rascals. *headache* Hence, my odd hours of sleep because I need to tend to their needs like feeding them so that they'll have enough to grow, cleaning their poops and pees, weighing them so that they are at their correct weight, talking to them so that they'll get accustomed to people around them, providing clean beddings for them hence all the washings etc... they really drain me out, completely. *takes self pity again thrice* Yea, makes a fine practice when I have my own later.

I'm on my way to my self autobiography... just a little writing about my life and stuff like that. Nothing big, just things that Ive gone through from a kid till up to date. Thought of doing it for the sake of leaving a mark to my kids someday. Imagine, "Mama's autobiography" HAHAHAAHAHHA.... Now, tell me how many MAMAs do that, wakakaakka... It'll ease all the "Mama, when did you...." or "Mama, what did you..." I'll just pass the Word Document file to them in a futuristic thumbdrive or fingerdrive or whatever drive at that time and say "Nah, just read this and stop asking me anymore". Simple. I'll just have to make sure to update the Word Doc version every year, wakakakakkaka. And of course "Learn from Mama's mistakes and be a good kid." And yes, I was a bad-ass when I was young. XD Not a good kid.

You know, speaking of my past, *autobiography punya hal* I've really regretted taking up Graphic Design. Blame it on my self decision making when I was young. I should have done Tourism and Hospitality instead of following what my ex BF decided. *sigh* Moronic teenager I was, something that my kids will definitely learn from "Mama's autobiography". I wish I could have done travel photojournalism or things like that. ZzzzzzzZzzzzzZZzzZz sucks... but if I had gone to one, I'll probably not meet my husband and maybe, MAYBE I would have met someone else who is a super hunk. WAKAKAKAKAKA ok lah, my hubby is also a hunk, no regrets ler... I'm grateful for someone like him. Not everyone gets to have a kiddo hubby do they, XD!!!

Well, June is already here... I'm looking forward to my first trip to Bangkok in August. I have been praying hard that the state emergency thingy would go on so that I will not spend my money shopping, wakakakaka.... No lah, Im hoping that they'll be back to normal. I need to stock up my stuff to sell, else I will be selling nothing soon. And that means, I gotta stock up my dough real soon too if I wanna go shop! *headache*

Not to mention SOMEONE is getting married in October and I need to get myself a nice dress. My first church wedding, looking forward to the decor, YOU HEAR ME?!! XD!! And since its gonna be in Miri, more expenditure. *faint* BUT for you, I will... touched? HAHAHAHAHA.... make sure my kolok mee is there when I reach, hmph!

*sigh* I wanna go somewhere... some place with cold weather and a change of scenery, some place like Taiwan, or Rome, or Greece, whichever... I'm so sick with KL. Practically, there's really nothing to do in KL except for shopping and night outings. Yucks. I think I'm a quiet life person, wish I was some rich ass daughter who could have bought an island or a stretch of beach and build my own B&B and settle down there. A simple life there would have been so good... but then again, I am not, so.... back to potato planting. *takes self pity for the final time*

Oh well....... I'll leave my thoughts for now. Back to role playing granny, your grandkids need you! Taa~!!