Evelyn, you've found Mr. Right because You Laugh Together. (really...??)

While you've got a great head on your shoulders, you like to lead the way with your heart. And that's what's telling you that this relationship is "the one." It's simple — you know how to make each other laugh. And you both know how to use humor to diffuse heated arguments and tense situations.

You have great confidence and admiration for your guy, even if he's sometimes a little silly. It doesn't matter if your mother-in-law shares your sense of humor or not. You know that she'll learn to love you because the goofy guy you both adore does. That's no joke.

Evelyn, when talking to your partner, you're an Expressive. (doesn't sound too good to me)

This means that you tend to be a passionate partner who isn't at all shy about communicating what you're thinking and feeling to your significant other. It can be very important to you that your partner both hears your perspectives and understands where you're coming from.

As a result, in your mind it's often best to talk about problems immediately, even if that discussion leads to a heated discussion. That's the fiery passion in you. Your convictions are important to you and you're willing to defend them fervently if need be. Experts agree that for a couple to thrive, they must be able to communicate.

People with compatible communication styles tend to bring out the best in one another because their approach to relationships is like-minded. But if you're with someone whose communication style clashes with yours, you're headed for more challenges than most.

Sure there's tons of misinformation out there when it comes to having a healthy relationship. Here are some of the top myths and explanations to help you understand the truth when it comes to how couples should communicate:

Fighting is bad for a relationship and often indicates bigger, underlying problems.
False. Often, depending on a couple's relationship dynamic, important issues can surface and be resolved through periods of intense discussion or arguing.

Bickering poisons a relationship.
Not necessarily. Some relationships flourish even with a constant stream of bickering. What is most important to a relationship is the intention behind the communication. If a couple bickers as a way to work out minor disagreements, it can be healthy for them. However, if the bickering is intended to hurt or criticize, it will likely erode the relationship.

Women are more comfortable with emotional discussions than men are.
True. While it may sound sexist, research has shown that by and large, women are indeed more comfortable discussing emotions. Differences in the rearing of girls and boys appear to give women a leg up when it comes to understanding and confronting emotional issues.

The more often a couple has sex, the happier they will be.
False. The amount of sex a couple has doesn't matter. What matters is that both people are happy with both the quantity and quality of sex in their relationship. In addition, the way a couple handles sexual problems (if they arise) will affect how happy they will be with their sex life.

If you have financial problems, your relationship is much more likely to break up.
False. Relationships that are strong before the financial difficulties hit tend to remain strong under monetary strain. In fact, these couples sometimes become stronger as they join together to face their problems. On the other hand, relationships that were weak to begin with tend to be torn apart by the additional pressure that financial problems can create.

Happy couples do not freely express their anger.
False. Expressing anger when necessary is a sign of a healthy relationship. An unhealthy relationship will actually express contempt and negative criticism along with anger. On the other hand, a healthy relationship will acknowledge the presence of anger without assigning blame. This allows relationship issues to be heard, understood, and dealt with.

Compatibility is the key to a successful relationship.
True. The more compatible a couple is, especially when it comes to the way they communicate and handle difficulties, the more successful their union will be in the long term.

Is He "The One"? (God please help me!!)

Go ahead and stop your search, because it looks like you've found "the One"! You are one lucky woman! Destiny has brought you two together. All of your best qualities probably shine when you are around your man. And the same goes for him. The complementary nature of your relationship is one huge indication that he's perfect for you! Even better — your responses indicate that you've found not only a romantic partner, but a great friend as well. Nothing's better than finding both in one person.

There's no easy recipe for a long-lasting relationship, but you've somehow found the main ingredients. Chemistry is definitely a great starter. Then you just need to add some trust, communication, and respect. Of course, a dollop of humor and a generous amount of romance make the meal much more satisfying. There are many more things you can add to make it better, but those extra ingredients depend on the needs of the relationship and the individuals involved. The two of you have clearly mastered the key elements and seem well on your way to building a loving, long-lasting relationship. Congratulations!

Is He Marriage Material? (hummm... *humming nervously)

YES! You've hit the love jackpot! Not only have you found someone you're absolutely compatible with, but it looks like he feels the same way. We can tell that your guy is committed, attentive, and definitely good to you. From the way he handles himself to the way he handles you, he's definitely marriage material.

So if you're spending a little more time checking out engagement rings at jewelry stores lately or have found yourself getting an almost uncontrollable urge to flip through wedding magazines, don't let it scare you. It's completely normal. Admit it, you've already started planning, right? Chances are this guy is everything you've been looking for — don't let him slip away!

Why am I doing all these tests?? It's for me to know and for you to find out!! God please help me~!!