*Taj Mahal*


*Pyramid of Giza*

*The Statues of Easter Island*

*The Great Wall of China*


*Angkor Wat*

These pictures, as above, are my selections for the new 7 wonders in the world. They were my votes from a selection of 21 other wondrous places. Each and everyone of everybody (huh?) are entitled to cast votes of their preferred choices. My criterias in selecting for the 7 wonders were old historical buildings or monuments, built long ago before advanced technologies even existed (perhaps they were more advanced?).

These places are definately a beauty, I would really love to have an opportunity to go and see them myself. The current one on my list would be Greece, perhaps I was exposed alot on Greece's historical art and culture during my years in college. Perfect spot for honeymoon!! LOL~!!

Go and vote for your favourites at www.new7wonders.com . Have fun enjoying history!!