Wokay, how do I start this post, I'll make this post a quick one. Let's start with the history first. I was working for my ex company on a contractual project. (I'm a part time freelancer) I was appointed a supervisor post for the upcoming Nescafe Kickstart Season 3 thingy (it's a reality tv programme, that makes your dream job come true). Pay wasn't that bad but the job scope was kinda hard. Part of the job was to make sure that my team reaches the company's daily quota, which was 500 submitted entry forms for every public unis and private colleges.

Sometimes, when we encounter snobbish students from private colleges, our quota for the day really sucked. Therefore, each of everyone from my team, including me HAVE to fill in forms in order to meet the daily quotas. And so, various jobs that we could think of, we'll pen them down in the forms and submit them to our client, which is Nestle.

Today, while I was enjoying doing some Christmas shopping, I got a phone call from a guy named Yew from Nescafe Kickstart. During that call, my heart was saying "oh shit, this could not be happening, why me pulak yang kena". He congratulated me, for being selected for an audition on the 24th of November, mind you 300 participants are being called in for an audition upon the many thousands of submitted entries. And he asked me if I could make it on that day.

So now, my point is, I did not hope to get myself in, I only submitted my entries just to reach my team's quota. And besides, I don't even know which entry he's talking about. I've submitted so many of my so called 'dream jobs'. I don't have portfolios for them, I only tokkok-ed (bwahhahaha) in those forms. And now I'm in deep shit, I don't know if I should go for it. And I need to confirm my seat by TOMORROW!! Owhh somebody just please slap me on my face~!! (not so hard lah)

To know what the hell I'm blabbing about, please visit this site, and owh, the song you're gonna hear, was the song that I've beared with everyday for TWO MONTHS PLUS~!! Enjoy!!