Like I've promised earlier on my chat box, I'll reveal the secret on why I've been fidgetting on my current relationship. Wokay, here goes. I'm getting registered on the 1st of March 2007. Oh my, I suddenly feel so grown up, and not to mention OLD. I'm excited and at the same time, scared. Well, "at least someone is willing to marry you...", Joon Kong said to me the other day when we were out yumcha-ing. (bwahahaha)

I'm happy being together with my HUSBAND-TO-BE (adus), he is a loving person, although a little short-tempered sometimes, caring, silly at times, but most of all he loves me for who I am. He is always there for me whenever I kena bully by my ex boss (haha), be my ATM machine whenever I'm broke (kih kih kih), wash the dishes whenever I cook, and to give me a huge warm hug whenever I have problems of my own.

I'm gonna be a Mrs Calvin Teh (sexy-eva-longoria-wifey-wanna-be, ahaha) soon, no more the innocent (ptuih) young lovely Ms Ng liao. Wow, status also changing soon dee, go out people will call me aunty liao, *cries* ... And my niece-to-be is gonna call me .. AH SUM!! *faints* How to be excited of getting married like that.... aiyooor...

Anyways, we might be checking out the date's availability tomorrow at Thean Hou Kung to see if they are still able to slot us in their schedule for marry-ing us. Will update post later when everything settle dee in temple. Owh, have to start dieting dee, oh no!