I was bored to death, with the heat and warm weather and nothing to surf on the internet, so I simply googled my name to see what turns up on my search pages. Voila!! The girl above is Evelyn Ng, yep, the person who shares the same name AND surname with me. She's an international poker player.

Evelyn Ng was born on September 14, 1975 in Toronto, Canada. She finished second to Clonie Gowen in the first World Poker Tour Ladies Night event. She is also known from her appearances as a commentator on poker TV shows as well as being a competitor on Spike's 'King of Vegas.' In April of 2006, she joined team BoDog to represent the online poker site.

Evelyn Ng started out on the other side of the table as a blackjack & poker dealer. She eventually switched from dealer to player, and after her success at the WPT Ladies Night, became a poker star.

She is 5'11 gosh, and she has a rather nice body... Okay, have to ask Calvin to sponsor me for a slimming session!! This is bad for health, alot!!!