To your right... I present you

To your left... I present you
Shops Shops & Shops

And to your front... glorious GLORIOUS

Yesterday, finally, we paid our new owner the downpayments for our new rented apartment. Yea, I'm shifting from Kepong TO KEPONG, but this time in an apartment. We've bought ours in Medan Putra (opposite DesaPark City) but it's not completed, till perhaps 2008. So, have to camp in another apartment first lor..

Metro Prima is near Jusco, 5 minutes walk... near Carrefour, 10 minutes walk... near HSBC, finally.. no need to drive all the way to Jln Ipoh to go punch our money out. All neighbours are chinese, family oriented, so I think it would be a safe place to be in. Mom lives on the upper floor... lagi senang, got free dinner.. LOL.

Ok this means, I need to shift out fast dee... Today will be the last day I will be blogging, will start again next week on Tuesday or Wednesday. Should be enough time for me to pack up the last bits from the old house and unpack all of them in the new one.... this means.. YEAY~!!! I GET TO PUT UP MY XMAS TREE LIAO, and all of the prezzies under the tree... woOOOoo.. Fun~!!

Ok, time to buzz off, and start packing... hate it so much~!!