4th January 2007 - If you have remembered me mentioning a few good new movies that I would like to watch, I did. I’ve picked Curse of The Golden Flower and Lord of War. It wasn’t any reasons that the actors from both of the movies weren’t good; I was just simply astounded, in a different way.

Curse of The Golden Flower was too much of gold. It was an eye sore to force myself to watch till the ending. Everything was glimmering in gold, and even the ideal gold colored Gong Li wasn’t helping me increasing my appetite towards the movie at all. The story line wasn’t appealing enough; and Chow Yun Fatt does not suit the emperor character. I cannot see how Zhang Yi Mou would win any award from this movie, certainly none of my votes to him.

Lord of War was based on a true life event (as Nicholas Cage hereby said); there are many gunrunners out there, who are middlemen for the militaries of different countries. Trading as such would definitely not be done by one’s government itself; well it’s a discreet affair so, an appointed person who is well-knowledged and trusted will be given this brutal charge.

This movie was definitely violent enough for me to know how a person would go to the extreme to secure his position as a lord of war, or war lord, whichever designation they would want themselves to be called. People kill for the love of killing, and people kill for the love of power. A total sadist to mother earth don’t you think?