*stepdad wandering off taking picts*

*see that clam?*

31st December 2006 - I am now looking through my archive of pictures, trying to recall moments I’ve never had a chance to take note. And yes, on the New Year eve, where people would mostly go out to town and welcome the New Year of 2007, me and my nearest, and dearest, chose to have a trip to Bagan Lalang, again.

It wasn’t only a family affair trip, but with colleagues of my husband-to-be, a picnic outing with various people of ages.It must have been the rainy season that has drove all the clams away, or was it not, for we could only afford to plow out 4 miserable clams. In the end, we decided to return them back into the sea; it was just not enough to feed the mouths of 20 people.

We had all the funs by the beach. We ate sardines, nasi lemak and sandwiches. We played ball, soaked ourselves in the low tides, and just lazed around inhaling the salty breeze. We ended our saline trip by the end of evening.