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*the art of Simplicity*

*stepdad, mom and sis*

22nd December 2006 - Life indeed, has been tremendously bored for me; without the ability to go into the cyber world. Right now, I’m writing almost every moments of my life through a word document, without the capability to put out my stories onto my online diary. I’m missing MSN and Y!M terribly, and the convenience of the unstamped mails. Sounds pathetic, but I think I’ve finally come to a realization that I’m an internet freak.

I have various chronicles that I would love to inscribe, from the day itself I’ve lost myself to boredom land. Well, let’s just start from the very beginning.

We’ve had a fantastic Christmas party recently that was held in our new rented apartment. It was a Christmas get-together yet a house warming by itself. I’ve had my step-dad to prepare my guests a satisfying American Christmas dinner, from the humongous turkey to the very clever made booze balls. We had a gift dipping session, which I thought; everyone did have a great deal of fun finding surprises in their selected gifts.

I’ve affixed a few pictures taken from that 16th of December. Look at how comfortable my guests are in my decent home. I think I’ve done a good job in making our home a contented place to live in.