glorious firecrackers, at last

my favorite sparkler

offerings to the God of Sky(?)

be a good girl and pray, wish for the best for everyone

Yesterday night was a tradition night for all Hokkien Chinese believers, it was the 9th day of Chinese New Year. Hokkiens from all over practiced offerings and prayers to the God of Sky (is that how He is called in Englishie?). Me and Calv had ours in his aunt's house in Setapak. Yesterday was the best CNY day I've ever had this year. Fireworks were EVERYWHERE!! Big ones small ones, whoaa... the whole town was smoky, bing bang boomed and filled with its burning smell. Now that is what I call REAL Chinese New Year celebration~!!

Although of course, some of the people around us were very alert for the patrolling of the blue 'smurfs' (yes, they were doing roundings, surprisingly they were doing their duties!!). From my point of view, I think we Chinese don't even give a damn bout them anyway. We would rather pay them the RM100 fine and have all the fun we were supposed to have. What's RM100 to us, if we could afford fireworks worth hundreds of ringgit. Gah~!! "Nah ambik kau, si kerdil biru!! and keep your mouth shut!"

I would be expecting to see another round of great fireworks on the 15th day of CNY, Chap Goh Mei. That would be the last day of Chinese New Year, and I think it would be even more noisier and happening. Goodie~!!


Calvin's Girl said...

Ohh, error here.. It is not God of Sky... It was suppose to meant "Prayers for a new Day".

Old folks said that a long time ago, an ethnic group attempted to kill all the Fukien-Chinese(hokkien). The Chinese were frightened and fled into a forest which was surrounded by sugarcanes. They stayed in the jungle until the 8th day of Chinese New Year when their enemies had gone.

On the 9th of the original Chinese New year, The Fukien-Chinese went home and re-celebrated their Chinese New year. That was why it was called "pai tin kong"...

Evie: Owwwwwwwhhh ok now i know dee... :P

Keropok said...

Thanks for the back-story - explains why my neighbours we going on through the night with the crackers!

I like the red - nice!

Calvin's Girl said...

hi keropok, which type of keropok are you? *hehe*

Yea, it was filled with fun altho abit noisy larh, but its part of the tradition. :)

Thanks for the compliment