2nd February 2007, 2.30am - Can't sleep again. I'm getting really pissed off with this condition of mine. I've had hardly slept orderly for the past few weeks, and I'm beginning to think I have Insomnia. My brain is not sleeping!!

I've visited a doctor downstairs my apartment, and my god, he is so that lousy. He can't explain to me why I can't sleep.... *zzzzzz* and prescribed me a drowsy flu medicine to assist me, that stupid. I couldn't care less though, so I popped two and went to sleep soundly that night. *that sounded so-not-healthy, I know*

Calvin was a lot of help, though the-help did not helped me. He gave me assuring words and head massages, took me to the *stupid* doctor, stirs up from his sleep *7am, me, meradang on the bed complaining I can't sleep, although my badan is so damn tired* and comforts me. *sigh* Yes, it is that bad.

I had a friend who told me to get Chamomile oil... Chamomille?? *whatever* to assist me for relaxation before I go to sleep. *sigh* Can't find any. What's on the shelves were only Lavenders, Jojobas, bla bla and bla blas. So I ended up getting Lavender Aromatheraphy oil from BodyShop. Well, for the first few nights, it was kinda good. It helped, but I think my brain is getting immune to it already. *damn* So now here I am complaining to my blog...

What is wrong with me? Over stressed?? I have loads of flexible time at home doing my freelance work, so I dont think it's that reason. I think I need some professional help. *money going to fly to Pantai or Damansara Specialist* Is there anything else that I can do to avoid taking sleeping pills? Please advise.

Or is it because I'm too over-anxious on my coming registration this March? *Reading back my previous post on the moronic dream that I'd had* It could be that reason I guess. *dies* I need advice, help help help~!!


Calv said...

here's the steps:
1) close ur eyes
2) relax ur mind
3) stop thinking of that moronic, genting climate, dirty klang river with gators in it.
4) happy thoughts, not nervous ones
5) make sure room is silent.

should help i guess...
if not, here's the following steps.

a) make urself really tired. e.g. sports, doing work (physical) or sex :p

if still cannot just follow here

b) take pills...wat to do? cannot ady wat.

Calvin's Girl said...

(=_=)" thanks Calv... looking forward to step (a). *grins*

Iced Nyior said...

prekawin jitters lah i think.

err...i dont quite agree with the last part of step one...that makes me not sleep..haha

John said...

A can of beer will help... I always sleep soundly afterwards the whole night... ;)

Calvin's Girl said...

Iced nyior... well that was what i thought of too... could be lah kan? Let's see lah after the registration, kalo symtomnyer masih ada..means its me sumthing wrong..

John, could try that as well. But would that be a little bit too expensive ah? A can of beer wor... maybe i try liquor instead. I think could work..i try first. :)