Evie @ the age of 1
Look at my shinning pair of mischievous eyes, hehe.

Evie @ the age of 5
At that time, I've always wished I was older.
I wore mom's clothes, put on make ups and tried to act
like one... silly girl. :P

Evie @ the age of 16
Tried to be a sporty eve ( i really was one) with a short hair cut,
but in the end, got lectured by my Headmistress of not
being proud to have long hair and act like a girl.
What the hell, short hair also cannot.

Evie @ the age of 18
(mind the date on the pic, camera setting went loko)
From an ugly duckling to a moderate looking swan.
Sooo Miss Goodie Looking, huh.
Hehehe. I enjoyed my teenager years
in high school and college. Best moment in life.

Evie @ the current age
-nothing to comment, don't want to comment and
will not comment-


zewt said...

wah... evie currently looks as though she is going to eat you alive!

and wahh... your comment in my latest post is as if you're scolding me... i am not the dude leh... haha!

Calvin's Girl said...

LOL zewt... nah im not going to eat anyone.

LOL on the comment on your post. Yea, i know its not you larh.. am scolding the guy in your story... :P chill la

Calv said...

soooo cuuuuute....btu in the middle a bit the lam yan tao...mwahaha

Calvin's Girl said...

(=_+)" at least i tried and braced myself for it.......

Calv said...

umm well fair enough.
but the last pic u refused to comment? come i coment for u...
"*roar* i'm going to eat u"

Calvin's Girl said...

*nothing to say, nothing to comment* (=_=)"