A recent picture of me and Calvin at The Curve Damansara. I know, I think I need to change my glasses. Forget the DESIGNER LOOK *2004*, I think it is beginning to rot to an AUNTIE LOOK now in 2007! Calvin had always told me to get those rimless glass lenses, or to the *Missy Innocent* ones. *rolls up eyes* Hate those frames, they had always reminded me of OLs *office ladies*. Yucky yuck, I'm not one and I don't want to be one!!

This year's CNY shopping wasn't as grand as last year's. I did not get extra attires, sandals or bags this year. I wasn't in that superior shopperholic mood this year, don't understand why. It is a good thing though, I could save a few here and there for a trip to Jakarta or Perth later this year. *not confirmed yet*

This year's shopping experience was a little different for me. My good friend, who is now living proudly on cloud nines, *wink wink, you know who you are* had suggested to visit a few good boutiques in Hartamas and Bangsar last three weeks ago. They were the well known ones, to the ladies I meant (and to the gents credit cards.. hahaha); Blook, Little.Black.Book, Chyna Dolls and Cats Whiskers. And my, those clothes weren't that bad and ugly, especially the price. *grins* I had never thought that boutiques could have have trendy attires that was up to date. *jakunnyer daku*

We had all the fun at those shops, especially Blook. They offered the best customer service I've ever had. They had a great changing room; spacious, and a very easy shopping environment; according to miss lovey-dovey. *grins* But yeah, it was fun. Most of all, they were my type of tastes. I got myself a thigh-length black top, a black skirt with mini golden dots, a gold colored stylo mylo belt, and a turquoise-gold purse. *yes yes, a lot of gold color here, it is my theme this year*

And yesterday evening, me and Calvin visited MidValley's to get me a Dorothy Perkin's lime green top to go with my golden dotted black skirt, two cute animal print undies (hahahaha), and a pair of gold colored sandals from Nose. Yes, I'm very satisfied thank you, but I'm still searching for a 3/4 pants to go with my black top. *pouts* Can't find any to my likings.

Let's check my list if I've left out something for CNY:

Yang Ada
2 tops
1 skirt
1 sandal
1 belt
2 purses
4 undies
2 bras
3 home tees

Yang Tak Ada
1 3/4 pants
2 home shorts
2 bangles/bracelets
2 earrings
2 necklaces

*faints* So many accessories belum ada lagi. Jakarta/Perth or accessories... Jakarta/Perth or accessories... Jakarta/Perth or accessories... *zzzzz* See how larh~!!

Try to go and manja Calvin first and see how, hehehe...


eun hye said...

wow~what a nice couple:-)hi!I'm hye.I want a good foreigner friend.Would you like to be my good friend? waitin' for your reply. Have a nice day:-)

Calvin's Girl said...

Hi Eun Hye from South Korea, nice of you to drop by my blog and thanks for the compliment. :)

Having more friends are definitely better than having more enemies. :)

Tell me more about yourself.

Have a great day. :)

the witch's broo said...

go girl go!
go for that dream.
Hope your guy wont be in the way of your success and happiness.
Your Calvin seems real nice so it looks like he will be the man behind the successful woman that you will surely be.


Calvin's Girl said...

hie witch's broo...

thanks for dropping by my site. :)

I hope and pray too that great happiness will be laid out in front of us in the future. :)

bluejade said...

i've got like 5 tops already, 2 in red. i'm just hunting for a nice pair of jeans. those at my fav stores like pdi & u2 don't fit me...sigh...

zewt said...

definitely perth for me.... those accessories... can be purchased another day la...

Calvin's Girl said...

hey hey bluejade~!! *hugs* ya.. now hunting for bottoms lor, cant find any yet too... *pouts*

Yeppers, Zewt. I'm going for Perth/Jakarta instead. Acce don't buy also never mind kan? *grins*