sucky cny

I'm finally back from land of boredomness (Butterworth)... This year's Chinese New Year was not happening... quiet... sien... humid and hot (as usual), and sucky. No fireworks, firecrackers, fire-whatever going on this year, at all! Damn, where's the spirit of bising-ness, the tradition we were supposed to obey every Chinese New Year, to chase away all evil spirits and bad lucks away with fireworks. Tsk, so sad... Blame it on the G.

I've spent almost a week in Butterworth and all I've ever did with my siblings were sleep, eat, Billion hypermart? supermart? (sadist), McD, eat, gamble, McD, gamble, sleep & repeato & repeato like a piggy... till Calvin came by on the third day of CNY, which was his birthday too. Me and Calv stayed in Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya (RM195 per night) and visited Penang's Siamese temple and Chinatown, where I've bought myself another load of glorious DVDs. *grins* Gained a little weight (due to McD's syndrome), dehydrated my body with the heat from Butterworth, allowed myself to experience a week of midnight chocolates and snacks (while gambling) to accommodate mr.boredom, and as a result to it... I've constipated myself (=_+)" for almost a week.

Sounds too sucky for a great celebration, don't you think? *zzzzzzzz*


zewt said...

today is the 'pai tin kong' celebration for the hokkiens and firecrackers are bang-ing away... haha... i guess hokkien are a resilient lot!

eat as much McD as you can lor... once they government implement 'sin tax'.... u may have to think twice before biting off a big mac.

Calvin's Girl said...

yea... its so nice to hear the sound of great celebrations huh.. :D

Haiyor, i tell you the G are really doink heads. We'll be a joke to other countries man...tsk~!!