*flocks of counter 4 & 5*

Last Friday, I decided to renew my driving license, after it being expired for almost a month (hehe driving without license in Kepong). So I proceeded to Jusco Kepong's Pos Malaysia, because Jusco was a mere 5 minutes walk from my apartment.

It was around 3.30pm, so I thought that the post office wouldn't be flooded with people. So I walked to Jusco, entered the entrance and "Wah~!!" So the many the people, almost penuh~!! Current number they were serving was 1568 and so I tekan my number and *faints* it was 1680. Tak apaaa... I'm not in a hurry to anything. So I took my nice number and kept it with me, and headed to myNews.com. Had to find some reading materials to accompany me.

I bought Cleo and a pack of Ribena Mobile (hehe budak kecik lagi) and headed back to the post office. Found myself a nice spot at the last row and started reading my mag (and sipping ribena). I think around 45 minutes later, I heard the ketua pegawai pos mentioned that they are going to open counter 4 & 5 for bill settlements. Whoa, all of a sudden, all aunties and ah bengs or ah lians started to flock the counter. My, almost 3/4 of the people there mau bayar bill punya. Tsk tsk, kesian to those who had only wanted to renew their license and those who had only wanted some stamps to mail their letters. We had to queue along with those bill payers to get our things done.

And to my astonishment, after the post office people started to do it this way, there were barely human beings around me anymore. I paid and renewed my license after a 15 minutes later. See? So fast. If they had did it earlier, they wouldn't be wasting everyone's time. Instead of having only a butang of option to tekan and wait for number, they should make a double one. Horrible, the post office there had a very comfortable environment, but the management there cipalak abit. Tsk, spoil Kepong Baru's reputation only.

I think there's a lot more of people out there who should be exposed to Internet banking in order to pay their water bils, electricity bills, Astro, bla bla bla, bills here and there, etc. So banks, do your job and go educate your customers of all ages and races. Let the post offices handle only postal affairs and the government stuff, so that next time, Evelyn don't have to wait and queue for nothing to get her things done! *kejamnyer daku, hahaha*


zewt said...

they are uncles, unties, an lians and ah bengs mer.... how can u expect them to do internet payment?? hahaha

Calvin's Girl said...

Ahloooor.. that's why i said, banker's go do your job and educate people of all ages and races mar... don't only know how to call people and bayar credit card.. Wahahaha