I got tagged AGAIN this time, by Mr Calvin Teh No. 2... AND it's damn freaky loooooong... *sigh* never mind, since I've got nuthing to blog today, I'll do it... *pouts*

Layer One: On The Outside

Name : Evelyn H.C Ng
Birth Date : 1st May 1983
Current status : Happily Married
Eye Colour : Dark brown
Hair Colour : Err, dark brown
Righty or Lefty : Righty

Layer Two : On The Inside

Your Heritage : 50% Chinese, 25% Indonesian Chinese, 25% Nepalese
Your Fears : Driving in a storm, nearly met with an accident 2 years back.
Your Weakness : Good looking guys with beautiful eyes and smile
Your Perfect Pizza : Hawaiian Chicken from Dominos

Layer Three : Yesterday, Today , Tomorrow

Your Thoughts First Waking Up : Ok, another day...
Your Bedtime : 6 am
Your Most Missed Memory : High School fun

Layer Four : Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke : Both is alright for me
McDonald's or Burger King : Burger King
Single or Group Dates : Single
Adidas or Nike : Adidas
Tea or Nestea : Huh, not a great big fan of tea, if so, Earl Grey's
Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee : Cappuccino

Layer Five : Do You..

Smoke : Yea
Curse : Hahahaha, yes I do, alot!
Take a shower : Of course
Have a crush : Haha, yes I do!! Simon Baker... ^^
Think You've been in love : Yes I do
Go to school : (=_+)"
Want to get married : Already
Believe in yourself : Yea, sometimes
Think you're a health freak : Not so of it

Layer Six : In The Past Month

Drank alcohol : Yea
Gone to the mall : Yea
Just Been on stage : Nope
Eaten sushi : Yea, sushi buffet
Dyed your hair : Yea

Layer Seven : Have You Ever..

Played A Stripping Game : Kih kih kih, am not telling!
Changed Who You Were To Fit In : Err, not really, I am who I am, take it or leave it!

Layer Eight : Age You're

Hoping To Be Married : 25, but did it in 24

Layer Nine : In a Girl/Guy

Best Eye Colour : Blue or hazel
Best Hair Colour : Brown or blonde
Short Hair or Long Hair : Short

Layer Ten : What Were You Doing

1 Min Ago : Cursing Calvin Teh No. 2
1 Hour Ago : Woke up from sleep
4.5 Hours Ago : Drank a cup of water
1 Month Ago : Worrying bout Chinese New Year
1 Year Ago: Working my ass off in the creative line

Layer Eleven : Finish The Sentence

I Love : having great friends around me
I Feel : very small when I'm with my modeling friends
I Hate : pretenders, cock suckers, perfectionist wannabes and losers
I Hide : my pack of cigarettes when I'm out with my mother-in-law
I Miss : my Kelisa
I Need : tons of money to invest in my current small business

Layer Twelve : Tag Five People, NO tag back

John, God Is Gracious
Fiona, Midnight Dances
BengHan, So Now You Know
Cazzy, What Is My Secret
Jade, Ces't La Vie

p/s: Sorry guys, kena tagged again.. LOL


Calv said...

1 Min Ago : Cursing Calvin Teh No. 2

haha i like that phrase. dun curse me la...later i really pokkai then u know

zewt said...

Played A Stripping Game : Kih kih kih, am not telling! .... already answered the question...

Iced Nyior said...

woii..kena tag again pula. I hvnt even done ur weird things one..lol

Calvin's Girl said...

Calvin Teh, it's ok, i didnt curse u to be pokkai... curse u to have a girl soon so that you can have a wet season k?? kih kih kih

Zewt, waaaaaaat... *innocent* I didnt say anything... :D

Iced nyior, haaaaaa... tau pon u not yet do... cisss.. faster buat... LOL

John said...

Oi! Ape ni? Kena lagi? Ai Jioooor!!!

zewt said...

whatever u say lor....

Calv said...

wet season? hahaha we'll see about that

Calvin's Girl said...

LOL to everyone..... Have fun...