Okay, if I were a lesbian celebrity, I would opt for these hot chicks... I don't mind flicking tongues with them, or going orgy party with them, OR having sexual intercourse with them... I think they would be a bunch of yummy sex kittens... *kah kah kah* And I definitely bet you would want to join my threesome parties... *ngeh ngeh ngeh* not to mention my darling Calv as well... He would be the first to join...

The top 10 list in a favourism order :-

the ever oh so gorgeous
angelina jolie

sexy goddess
jessica alba

innocent pretty faced
kirsten kreuk

hot sexy mama
eva longoria

revlon girl
eva mendez

all time guy's favvie
alyssa milano

wild thing
denise richards

kate beckinsale

sultry wifey
catherine zeta jones


zewt said...

hey, thanks for your well wishes.

and yes, i am sure calv would be very excited.

Cazzy said...

You've got fantabulous lesbian taste. I wouldn't mind having ménage à trois's or orgies with any of these gals. They've got such lovely bunch of coconuts. Who could possible resist that!

Calvin's Wife said...

Hie there Zewt, it's a wonder to see you dropping by blogs after all the things ure going through... :)

life goes on... and you're already on to it... *hugs*

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL cazzy... ménage à trois's, lu ingat saya mana datang punya.. hoiyoo... tarak faham leh..

Cazzy said...

It's just french for threesomes ler.

John said...

The oni ones that really turns me on is Alyssa & Kate... the rest... hmmm... it takes more than coconuts oni okay

Calv said...

imagine this: my mom was talking next to me and smoking with me while i was opening your blog to read. she was like "what the hell is this?!" i just kept quiet.

dammit evie....thanks for ruining my innocent image with my mom... TNS TNS TNS

Calvin's Wife said...

Bwahahahaha my fault?!! who ask u wrong timing buka my blog, cheh! *LOL*, and also....... innocentnyer kamu, yer?


LOL,anyway tell ur sporty mom i said hi... *grins*