sixth sense

Micky staring hard at my sis's hammie... LOL

My mom and step dad were away to Singapore and I promised them to look after Micky, their miniature Schnauzer, for a day and a half. So yeah, I had their Astro and their 39'' LCD TV all to myself. Not forgetting their huge washing machine for me to wash all my rugs, he he he...

One of my ever favorite movie was on HBO earlier this morning. It was the Sixth Sense, a famous movie directed by a freak himself, M.Night Shyamalan. Although I've watched this particular movie for like, 6 times already, I think, I'll never be bored of it. I'll have myself seated in front of the TV from the beginning of the movie till the end of it. *ah yes I'm a horror freak*

By the time I've realized that Sixth Sense was being aired on HBO, I was 20 minutes late from the movie. So I decided to have Essence of Chicken as a soupy snack for myself that night while enjoying the rest of the movie. Normal procedure, water in a pot, essence of chicken in the middle of the pot, turn on gas, and wait for it to be heated up.

Movie rolling... Bruce Willis, bla bla bla... "I see dead people"... bla bla bla...Oh, then there's that poor little girl who was being poisoned by her own mother. What a shame! Bla bla bla...

All of a sudden, Micky woke up from his sleep and looked over to the kitchen. I think he heard a sizzling sound, I did too. Curious, we walked over to the kitchen, we've almost reached the wet kitchen and then "BOOM!". I was like what the fuck, and oh shit, my essence of chicken!! I've totally forgotten about it! Luckily the stove was placed outside in the wet kitchen. And luckily, I wasn't IN that area yet when it blew off. My, the bottle was burst into small pieces, and it was everywhere! My God, I turned off the gas, *blinks* and then chilled for a couple of minutes *I don't want to let the neighbors know I did a boo-boo thing*, took the broom and swept the whole place, picked up shattered glasses from counter tops, washed the whole area, brushed, and wiped the whole place clean, and made sure no more pieces of them were around. *big boo-boo me*

There goes my essence of chicken, my mom's wet kitchen *essence of chicken were stained on her ceiling*, and my movie... *sigh*. Damn, I was never so careless before, I must have been so into the movie that I've totally forgotten about it. Mom and step dad came back earlier this afternoon, told them about it, and step dad laughed, mom went "aiyoo". Gosh, I could have hurt Micky and myself there. Sixth Sense some more la, see what I've did... I'm a big boo-boo!! *pouts*


Calv said...

hmm weird ppl...but then again thank goodness u're alright, if not would be like those horror stories where glasses explodes and the shards goes into the face n skin of a person...yuck~
ought to be more careful next time k

Calvin's Wife said...

TNS lu, u dun have to be specific on the horrible info... (=_+)"

But yes, i shall be careful next time. Perhaps will ask someone else to do it for me dee... scared liao.. :(

Calv said...

ur got hubby ma....wat are hubbies for? lmao~