The most horrifying thing that could happen to you in the midst of the night while you were sleeping would be getting a mysterious phone call in an ungodly hour. At that very hour, any lovely ringtone you had on your phone would just turn into a chilling scary music to your ears.

It was 5.30 a.m, someone's ringtone were piercing through the silence of the night. It was a loud and sharp one. It definitely had to be Calvin's w550i, loud as it can be. It was playing Hello Goodbye's Here In Your Arms, a nice song I must say, but at that wee of hours, it was a total creep.

So Calv woke up and answered the phone. Needless to say, it woke me up too. How not to, I was beside him sleeping. It was a man at the other end. I could hear him speaking. Calvin was a little muddled talking with him, and a little confused. All I could hear Calv saying was, "Siapa? Tak kenal lah. Apa nama dia? Betul, tak kenal. Yer ke? Oh, betul tak kenal." Then he checked his phone book and said, "Betul, tak kenal. Ok."

Curious, I asked him what was the matter. He told me that it was a policeman on the other side of the phone. And immediately I knew it must have something to do with someone in an accident not long ago. But the problem was, Calv doesn't even knew or remembered knowing this particular guy. Strange, how did his number get there then.

Calv was totally freaked out. He kept on asking himself if he ever knew this guy. I told him that this particular guy could've probably been one of his old supplier, or some business associates decades ago. Calv kinda agreed on it and hope for the best for this guy. We then continued our sleep, with a lot of toss and turns before we're finally back in dreamland.

You know, it is freaky to have a phone call in the middle of the night, telling you that this someone is in the hospital right now, and because your name and phone number were listed in this guy's phone, you are now being informed of his condition, and hopefully you could get his parents informed as well. Phew~!! What a creepy night.


Calv said...

it might be a prank call! mwahaha who knows

zewt said...

very freaky indeed... and was from a policeman... i think that would have wake up anyone.

hope everything turns out ok in the end... no more follow up call from them.

Iced Nyior said...

i got a weird sms early last yr saying that the owner of the hp was in the hospital and dying of poisoning. He was this obssessed stalker who kept trying to threaten to kill himself coz i didnt want to accept him. im quite sure the sms was a hoax.

oh btw, i FINALLY answered ur tags :P

Calvin's Wife said...

Oh good God, people nowadays are freaks, arent they.. like that also siok ah to pull a prank on people.. sheshh~!! I don't think its funny at all...

Oh did you iced nyior.. hahaha ok ok i go spotcheck!!