LOL, my darl Calv read my blog this morning and of course he saw my post the one Mr.Calvin Teh No.2 had tagged me. *cisss, all your fault LOL* He asked me on YM:

Darling: Have a crush : Haha, yes I do!! Simon Baker...
Darling: SIMON BAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darling: *showed me an emoticon, the lau-kai-ing wan*

Hahahaha, ok now I show you who is Simon Baker aight?

Tadaaaaaaa~!! Simon Baker... hunky looking, huh... *ROFL* Wait till he gives you his yummy smile... Hahahaha... Ok, gotta be prepared for some ass slapping later when he's back... *rolls up eyes*


Cazzy said...

He's from the Devil Wears Prada kan? This is nice evie, postmore pictures of hot studs la! :D

Calvin's Girl said...

(=_+)" hot studs blog dee tat wan... LOL.. i'll try posting more of my favvies larh...... LOL