Calling out for great single men with good options. I have a few women gal friends who are seeking for blind dates and friendships, age ranging between 23-28. I will be listing down a few criterias. I am doing this in a favour for my 4 girlfriends and I'm not advertising for any matchmaking company. *grins* Please read on and check if you guys match these criterias, have fun!

Guy #1
Age Range: 26-30
Preferred Occupation: Architect / Interior Designer
Interests: Swimming, Photography, Music
Body Stats: 5'7 - 5'9 , broad shoulders, relevant weight
Race: Chinese, Caucasian

Age Range: 28-32
Preferred Occupation: Doctor / Psychologist
Interests: Music, Fine Dining, Travel
Body Stats: 5'8 - 6' , relevant weight
Race: Muslim, Caucasian

Age Range: 26-30
Preferred Occupation: Businessman / Engineer / Senior Designer
Interests: Music, Fine Dining, Travel, Reading, Swimming
Body Stats: 5'7 - 6' , relevant weight (a little bit of extra will do)
Race: Chinese, Caucasian

Age Range: 25-28
Preferred Occupation: Not Specified
Interests: Music, Travel, Fine Dining, Cars enthusiast
Body Stats: 5'9 - 6'3 , relevant weight
Race: Chinese

Age Range : 24-35
Preferred Occupation : someone with a stable job
Interests : Teather, Reading, Movies, Eating (lol!), good conversationalist
Body Stats : taller than 5'4
Race : Can be any race
Appearance : Presentable (pls dont go out with shirts that are faded and have holes and bathroom slippers - actually happened to her fren's blind date. LOL)

If any of you guys out there match the given criterias, and are singles, please contact me. I will set up blind dates for you and my friends, just a casual day out. *wink* Promise, no desperado movements, LOL.

email: with a title Blind Date for ME!


Munak said...

haha siao ar u post like this. okie okie i see if i can setup for u/ur frens

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL, yes i have to, this is the only way I can think of, hehehehe

Fiona said...

ok wanna add

Age Range : 24-35
Preferred Occupation : someone with a stable job
Interests : Teather, Reading, Movies, Eating (lol!), good conversationalist
Body Stats : taller than 5'4
Race : Can be any race
Appearance : Presentable (pls dont go out with shirts that are faded and have holes and bathroom slippers - actually happened to my fren's blind date. LOL)

Please email photo and number to


Calvin's Wife said...

Wahahahaha, okok, will add urs on my post.. LOL

zewt said...

is the girl looking for guy number 5 also a chinese?

wah... why so many girls looking for white dicks?

MeiQ said...

OMG ...
Biar betul niii :P
Evie, I help you advertise also ya ;) This is so cute eh!

Beng Han said...

Eh, why don't have my age range one? Thats not fair.

Calv said...

LOL this is so wrong....somehow it feels wrong. hahaha

ok i'll play along this time.

Occupation: IT Specialist / Project Coordinator
Interest: Photography, Mucis, Travelling
Body Stat: 5'6/7 :(
Race: Chinese
Appearance: semi-long hair, tattooed arms. most of the time presentable....LOL

still sound so wrong somehow

Munak said...

"Contact: Please email photo and number to"

eh why need email photo one, blind date still need photo ar????

"Appearance: semi-long hair, tattooed arms. most of the time presentable....LOL"
tattooed arms still can consider presentable ar? somemore semi-long hair hehehe

Calv said...

told u play along only ma. but tatts these days almost everyone oso got la...
long hair can be neat oso wert. :p
presentable mostly meant by the way u dress, talk or even act. lol

Calvin's Wife said...

WAHAHAHAHAHA, erm,..hehehe, you guys are damn good larh...

Zewt,Number 5 girl is looking for someone with any race....ANd And And, whats the other options beside getting one in your own race, of course ang moh lor, LOL apa lagi??!!

MeiQ, yes betol nih, kekawanku tengah menunggu nih... LOL tolong spread the love around yeah? LOL

BengHan, LOL you still young mar, u can find one easily, they all kinda, erm, middle twenties liao, need some pro's help lor.. LOL

Calv, you mau kah? this one is for girls ya know, if you join in means I gotta hook you up with one of the girls I have here for blind dates liao.. Hehehehe, want want want???Maybe I keep you in my record la...

Munak, oh ya hor, hmm, kenot have photo submission... must go cancel that one... AND, LOL now guys with long hair and tattoo no problem liao wan, considered normal dee, ah, those with facial piercings wan la yang look scary... :P

Calv, yes la yes la, lei jui leng chai larh... can? LOL

Calv said...

i play along only hahahahaha....
wan meh? scary~...

genki said...

Aiks...Evie...i am not sure if this is working or not!!
As i am looking thru the comment i am afraid on behalf of my frens!!!
However Donnais waiting but i am afraid ...every afriad for her!

Iced Nyior said...

I want picture because Im shallow,.....hahaha

Calvin's Wife said...

HAh? Siapa Si Genki nih?? Donna??

LOL see la you guys, you are scaring my *customer* away with your horrible comments!! LOL

Calvin's Wife said...

shallow?? WAAAA~!! *chill*
Let's see if they will reply to your request k, nana?

Munak said...

huh like that ar, ok lah then u hook up one of them with me, see they can tahan me or not muahahahaha *shamelessly laughing*

Calvin's Wife said...

Hmm, really or not you, so, tell me which guy do you see yourself as? I need to match u with that person.. LOL

Munak said...

eh ur blind date concept abit cacat like that hahaha cannot reveal too much details kan? blind date is blind date, u got no idea who u meeting mah, true o not?

Calvin's Wife said...

Eh, ya, but u need to specify which guy# you are ma, then only i can hook u up with that girl. true ma?? LOL

Munak said...

why not random muahahaha

Munak said...

i know my bitch julie( be laughing when reading these comments haha

Calvin's Wife said...

random ah?? ok, then u must give me ur profile also... :D

Julez, dun laugh at him ler, after he shy then no more meet ups liao.. hehehe

Kenny Ng said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog.

Wahhh... I almost hit all criteria, just can't hit the body height criteria only... I'm out! Wakakakaka

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Evie!! I think I can apply to almost all the condition not all some can some cannot!! Btw tq tq for dropping a coment.

Munak said...

ehehe hehehe

no lah, i was just playing along. am already in a relation and happy with it :D (though i meet all the above requirements :p)

Calvin's Wife said...

Hello Kenny, Nice seeing you here, :). LOL, if you dont mind, maybe my friends might not care bout height.. :P

Horny AngMoh, you know, through your posts on your blog, you sure do sound like a drop dead gorgeous kinda guy, interested? LOL

Munaks, chill larh, LOL, good for you cos ure in a nice relationship, but bad for them :( they have no one...

Calv said...

lol desperate men...anyways. good luck in ur thing though evie...

John said...

Wah lau eh!!! 28 comments!!!

Anyways, I have guy friends who r still single and available but dei oni looking for Christian gals wor...

Calvin's Wife said...

Hmm John, can also, I have 2 candidates here who r christians. Maybe i can set up a date? LOL

zewt said...

wanna set up one of my friend la...

he is not handsome but is a good man... what say you? how should i go about doing it la?

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL, zewt, make sure he is in the given criterias, else, it is ok to let him meet up with my friends just for social purposes. They need to expand their circle of friends.

If interested, (John also) i will satu kali set up a date and time and everyone meet up together larh. How's that?