I've been having alot of weird weird dreams lately. Some of them are unexplainable, some of them are just stoopid ones. I think I have a few screws loose in my head, akibatnyer, weird dreams come to get me.

Past few nights, I've been having dreams bout my dad. And yes he is still breathing happily on earth, thank you. My dreams about him was weird though. The first one was about him getting bitten by a python (smirks, yeah BIT, not strangled) and sadly, he died in my dreams. *choi choi choi* And no, I didn't buy empat ekor, how could I be so mean, damn you. Yesterday, I saw him again in my dreams, but its another story which I can't hardly remember. He was around lingering in my dreams doing something, driving a car, talking to me, bla bla, and I think I've said something out in my dreams, which; I've totally forgotten what was it.

Sigh, yes, I think my dream's telling me something, and I know what it is. I've not been a good girl... (=_=)" I've not been visiting my dad for the past 2 months (after my registration). Tsk, yeah, go ahead and scold me larh.

The thing between me and my dad is, we don't really have anything to talk about. I don't know why. It's just... like that larh. Same goes for my siblings. Come on, I'm pretty sure there's a few of you out there who has the same kekok experience like me. It's not that I don't care for my dad, I do, alot. Sometimes I even stand up for him when someone in my family is talking bad bout him, unless it is truly his fault larh.

I've told Mr.DearDear out it, and he also thinks that my dad is trying to warn me, "Ger ah, you married already you don't want to come and visit your own father is it? Daddy buy car for you, pay for your college fees ah, somemore raise you up until you so big and get married already, you don't want to come and see your family is it." (=_=)" deng~! I really feel so bad now... I really don't feel fine right now. I'll try to have dinner with him and my siblings before I'll fly off to Miri for my holiday.

So to all of you out there, please don't be like me. *guilty, the feeling I'm having right now is killing me* Remember your family members and spend more time with them, or else they will come into your dream and scold you, or err, maybe whack you? *sigh*


zewt said...

oi!!! go back and see your dad la.... *smack your ass*

Simple American said...

Don't feel guilty. Guilt will never make it better.

I bet your dad wants you to focus on school so you can make good grades. That will help you get a better job someday. That is whay I want my girl to do in two years when I send her off to school

Betcha a phone call would put a smile on his face. :)

alexiolim said...

I also have dreams with people around me. I don't know about others.. but my dreams dont send any msg (or maybe i can't connect it) to my real life.

Maybe u been missing ur dad too much unconsiously. If it's too far... a phone call every weekend will do.

Jason Phoon said...

i have the same feeling with my dad. I don't know if I'll visit much when i get married, because dinner time with parents is always queit. nothing to say. I kinda envy families that seem to be able to talk about anything. oh well ...

Huei said...

u should go back and see ur daddyy!!!!

seriously..dads are the best person in the universe..unfortunately i found that out too late =(

so..go home and visit ur daddy!! give him a big big huge hug!!!! =D

Cazzy said...

I got no daddy. So I can't say I understand how you feel.

Distance do make the heart grow fonder that I can tell ya.

Munak said...

havnt seen my dad in like 3 years????? one fine day, one fine day

Calvin's Wife said...

Thank you all for the advice, I appreciate it.

I called him just a while ago, asked if he's ok with dinner tonight... he replied..

"Tonight? I'm going Nilai later to play golf larh.. tomorrow larh.. eh, aiyah, no need larh... next time only.."

(=_=)" don't say I never call and ask, *sob sob* he don't even wanna bother me.. deng~!! Sad case... sigh

Never mind, will try again next week.

Calv said...

later one night u dream ur dad come to u and ask "who's ur daddy? who's ur daddy?" then only u know lol

Calvin's Wife said...

Wu liow la you Calv, (=_=)" damn kuku ah you... *bluek*