So nice, holiday is coming up soon for everyone. Everyone's got a vacation to look forward and had everything planned out and ready. Couples going on a mini honeymoon vacation *wink wink*, friends going on a wild trip to the beach, collegues planning to play mahjong in the rented apartment up on the hills... sounds so nice and relaxing huh?

Wait, ... something's not right here, how come I don't see myself in the picture? *cries* "Of course lor you numb skull~!! Last minute booking who got hotel for you to sleep? Earlier doe wan to book, bodoh~!!", sob sob... huhhuhh.. I also want to go for a holiday with Mr.DearDear... but cannot blame me and him marh, he also last minute boss bagi extra off day~!! *wails, cries and dies*

First Attempt : Cameron Highlands, Pahang

Second Attempt : Tioman Island, Pahang

Third Attempt : Taman Negara, Pahang

Fourth Attempt : Maxwell Hills, Perak

"We are sorry, all of our
packages are fully booked
from the 29th April onwards,
thank you!"

So you tell me now where am I suppose to go?! Stay at home and "grow mushrooms" lor~!! (=_=)" Anybody want to sell me their trip to Tioman?! *sobsob*


Be3^Be3 said...

Hahahha...last and final attempt my kelian!! hahah...i will try and make it as fun as possible....

Jason Phoon said...

hmmmm .. i need a holiday too .. :(

Calvin's Wife said...

Bee^Bee, ya ya, make sure u play a good role as a host. LOL, see u tomorrow kay? We go money jumpong to Good Charlotte's aight? *grins*

Hello Jason, how are you doing? Yes, all of us wants a holiday. Since no more bookings allowed, let's go Kelana Jaya's swimming centre to substitute Tioman, want? LOL, anyway, you look familiar.. or is it one of my imaginations again? *scratches head*

bluejade said...

i did my booking for my 3D/2N trip to genting in 2nd week of april. heehee

Calvin's Wife said...

Jade, sioknyer.. LOL, im going to Miri... at last got place to go yah~!! :P

Simple American said...

Oh!!! Those places look so beeyootiful!!!

So what kind of mushrooms you gonna grow?

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL SA~!! "grow mushrooms" meant you'll be at a place being bored, you know like "I'm so damn bored I think I'll be rotting soon" that kind of phrase.. :P

Yeah they are indeed beautiful places to have a holiday.. :( too bad, no more accomodations left for me.