I would like to take this opportunity to welcome this cute cheeky boy by the nick of SeenBoy into the blogging world. *grins* He must have too much influence from me and my other friends, till sendiri also can't help but start blogging too. *chuckles*

He is a very dear friend of mine who is now in Singapore to pursue his dream career. It's been only a month but me and my friends are missing him dearly. No more yum cha session with this dude, :(. Please mind this picture, it's a pic of me and him in 2005 or was it 2006 (??), hahahaha, I can't find the other newer ones (sudah format pc, file tatau campak kat mana, :P).

Since he is a noobie to the world of blogging, hope the rest of my friends could assist him. And oh girls, he is still single. *hahaha, I'm gonna get killed for this* He is a Prince Charming, so don't get "stuck" with him, LOL. You can go drop him a message or just for the sake of kacau-ing him at http://www.engseen.blogspot.com/. You can bully him too if you want, hahaha. Have fun and enjoy the world of crap~!


Huei said...

he's an influential blogger too!! hehe =D

Calvin's Wife said...

AH?! LOL... get to know him more then.. he is a damn funny guy to know.. :P