I've been having alot of thoughts lately. I've been thinking how can I contribute something nice and thoughtful to the women around (cause I'm a woman, so help my own species first larh). After lots of brain juices and nerdy-geek hours over the internet, I have found something that I would like to spread the word around; hopefully to make a difference through the world of blogging. I would want to assist the WAO to find more contributors and publicity. I may not have the best blog-traffic, but I hope this is what I can do; to create awareness among all of us bloggers. First, let me elaborate on what WAO's all about.

The WAO or Women's Aid Organization, is an independant, non-religious, non-governmental organization based in Malaysia, commited to confronting violence against women. This organization was established in 1982 when it first opened it's Women's Refuge, providing shelter, counselling and child support to battered women.

WAO's mission is to promote and create respect, protection and fulfillment of equal rights for women. Also, to work out on the discrimination against women, whereby women and men have the same equality rights.

Although the organization recieves operation grants by the Malaysian Government's Welfare and the Women's Affairs Department, they'll be happy to accept donations and funds from the general public to help them in their operational costs of the Refuge and the Childcare Centre. Funds recieved will be used on the daily living costs, such as food, medical expenses and transportation. Contribution given will also be used on WAO's research, advocacy and public education purposes.

The best effort that I could offer to WAO right now is to become a member of their organization and some blog publicity. You can join WAO for RM20 per year with a once-off registration fee of RM10. As a member, you'll recieve newsletters and updates about their organization. There are other options of help you can offer, donations, volunteers, sponsoring and etc. You can always go and check out their official site at www.wao.org.my I'd sent them an e-mail to enquire if there's an easier payment method for wanna-be-members, rather than sending them a cheque or bank drafts through mail. I will update this post once they've replied me.

Also there is a new blog that I'm working on, dedicated to the abused victims. This blog is set up for these women to voice up their problems, share their stories with the world, and hopefully help the other victims to confront these organizations for help. I hope each and everyone of you will help me pass the word and url around and help us women to diminish the word ABUSE in our lives. I will post the URL once I've finished constructing the blog.

To all abusive guys out there, please stop violence against women, they are the ones that love you and bear you children. They should be treated with great respect and love!

To all victimised girls, get some help before it is too late. There's a whole world of women out there to support and care for you!