Technology and science are so marvelous, nowadays. The wonders they can provide to the world are sometimes, erm, kinda silly I shall say. It's not that I am against the new tech and science era but then again, let's not forget the bad side of it. Today I shall rant about the wonders of Botox.

I've friends who are in their mid twenties, going after the craze of botoxism. Yes, indeed it's a what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-you syndrome. I don't care if they were in their fourties when they wanna opt for botoxism, but MID TWENTIES?!! Okay, let's understand Botox.

Botox is a kind of cosmetic treatment that involves in injections of a type of bacteria namely knows as Botulinum Toxin. This bacteria helps to remove frown lines and wrinkles. It takes a number of injections of small amount of botox to do the magic, and the procedure only takes 10 minutes of your time. No, you will not be given any anesthetic japs or masks because it only causes minimal discomfort during the procedure. *phhhbbt* Sounds too good to be true? Haha, I laugh at the face of botoxism. (siow liow)

Please remember that this Botox bacteria is actually a type of bacteria that can be found in stale and spoiled food. (huh?!) Yes, you need the effect that this particular bacteria does, which is paralysis! (pembekuan muka, hahaha) Scientifically speaking, (ahem) the botox that were attached to the nerve causes acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter that triggers muscle contractions to become impeded. When this happens, your muscles stop to contract. As a result, many people may die of botox if it attacks the respiratory system or the muscles in the chest. (takot mei?) Okay, back to the botox treatment context, if this injected area of the face cannot move, it definitely cannot wrinkle. (wee~!!) However, what's good never lasts long for per botoxism session may only last for six to eight months.

Side effects that may occur to individuals who wants to pretify their face:-

- Redness at the injection site
- Local numbness
- Swelling
- Bruising
- Muscle weakness
- Facial Pain
- Temporary headache
- Nausea & other flu-like symptoms
- Upper respiratory tract infection
- Squinting & double vision
- Ptosis (drooping of the eyes)
- Dysphasis (impairment of speech and language comprehension)

Although these complications don't occur that often, but there are still the major possibilities. It is also important to know that botoxism are not highly recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding problem (after ur nini sack down lagi worse, bluek), people who are allergic to botoxism or have infections in the forehead, and those who are under specific medication. *sigh* Bottomline is, always consult your panel doctor before you wanna go and make your face stale, hehehe.

Anyway, I definitely believe smart women or men will always think twice before opting for a botoxism. Why want to make your face stale from wrinkles when everyone knows that wrinkles are one's character lines?! Every wrinkle you have on your face marks your wisdom, experiences and achievements. I strongly think that everyone should be proud of their cho-cho line, proud to be a great elder person and always bear in mind that beauty is only skin deep.

To all my friends out there, if you are ever thinking of botoxism, please think twice of the consequences. Yes, it might beautify you into a younger person, but what good does it make if it brings you so many side effects. Furthermore, it's kinda costly and it's not forever. When you lay down in your coffin one day, botoxism will not assist you anymore but instead, make you look in your worst.

These are some of the celebs that are into botoxism. Don't you think that their face look kinda fake and lifeless? I will never opt for botoxism. I don't want to be the next Dolly Parton, the face AND the boobs, LOL!!


Iced Nyior said...

NINI?!?!? wtf? haha

Calvin's Wife said...

Nini means tits, or commonly knows as 'tetek', Wahahaha... ehem, yeah so it means women breast.

zewt said...

nini also dunno....

i heard andy lau also into this kinda thing.

by the way... how to set up our friends la?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ahhhhhhh!! But they didn't mention the lost of feeling. Imaging if apply on your sagging boob (I didn't meant yours ok )it did regain its shape but u lost the feeling so what is the use, u can't enjoy the feeling.

Cazzy said...

Growing up I heard 'nénen' but not nini.

Calvin's Wife said...

Zewt, I think all celebs are into this thing to preserve their youth in order to book themselves a seat in the entertainment industry. Of course, they need to stay young too, to get "hots" from the younger girls, hehehehe...

Okay, I need to get back to you on the blind date thingy, cause I've not inform my friends bout the meet ups yet. One of them are currently in Miri... *grins*

Horny AngMoh, LOL yes, if they ever have Botox for breast, tsk, I really pity those women for they can't have anymore sexual pleasure from it! Damn, whats the use of a purfect breast when you can't feel the pleasure!!

Cazzy. Yeah, I grew up with the term nenen too, LOL, nini was something I've learnt from my Hubby, and erm, his friends.. Wahahaha.

zewt said...

ok, you check and let me know. i may as well contact you regarding the xml coding. the white background is really getting into me.

Calvin's Wife said...

Zewt, ok no problemo.. :P