6.45 a.m - mountain next to the North-South Highway

7.45 a.m - Misty view on a cold morning

8.15 a.m - Japanese Koi pond, right view

8.30 a.m - Japanese Koi pond, left view

9.00 a.m - "Lingau" pond

These are the pictures me & Calv took around the residential area, during our 2 days 2 nights stay in Sg. Siput (S), Perak. We went there alongside with his other collegues and stayed in a 6BR+1B house. Temperature varies between 22-30 celcius, would be lower during monsoon season.

The place here is very peaceful and as you can see, lushful of greenies could be seen everywhere. A very good "feng shui" place, according to Calvin. He was mentioning sumthing 'bout "mountain water air earth" bla bla... And I think he wants a piece of land here to mark his spot, hahahaha... ehm.. to do some pond-ing and agriculture-ing.


Cazzy said...

Oh so bee-u-tee-ful!

Calvin's Wife said...

yes it is, cazz... it is.. would love to stay there sometimes later.. hahaha that is if my australian thing dont work.. LOL