My Teh Siew Heng, like budak kecik
posing for a picture, sigh...

They say that the spirit of William
Kellie Smith is still believed to be wandering along
this corridor.... hmmm..

Took this picture at the peak of the castle,
where the balcony was supposed to be, I think...
Aih, I doe wan to say anything bout that fella in the picture...

A view through the Moroccan look-a-like window.
Actually the castle was built to share similar architecture
to those of Madras, with all its bricks and tiles imported from India.
Mr. William Smith here is a big fan of Hindu religion
and Indian culture.

The run-down castle, I like this picture.
Nice contrast among the blue sky...

Why was it left halfway built ...?
Unfortunately for Smith, tragedies struck soon after the construction of the Kellas House began. A virulent strain of the Spanish flu spread from Europe to Asia soon after World War I ended in Europe, killing many of the workers in the Kellas Estate. Another seventy workers constructing Smith's dream castle also became victims of the flu. Smith, who had already spent a fortune on his house, lost a lot of money because of this.

In the end, Kellas House, later known as Kellie's Castle or even Kellie's Folly to some, was never completed. William Kellie Smith himself died of pneumonia during a short trip to Portugal in 1926. His heartbroken wife decided to pack up and return home to Scotland selling the estate and Kellie's Castle to a British company called Harrisons and Crosfield. (adapted fr wikipedia)

Entry: Adults RM4, Children RM-I-Dunno
Duration spent: 20-40 minutes roaming around + camwhoring