Ah yes, digging up the roots of a tapioca tree!!
Now we don't have to buy them from the market, we just dug
some home. It takes approximately 3-4 months for a
tapioca tree to bear it's "root". Cool, isn't it, hehehe...

The heart of a banana tree. We didn't plucked
it down cause none of us knew how to
use it or cook it. Beautiful, huh...

Ehm, I forgot what plant is this, sorry larh
I forgot to take notes down... Hehehe

These are the leaves of a potato tree, I forgot which
one was it. But I sure do remember eating their leaves. We didn't
korek any of them cause they were still young to die... hehehe

This is cocoa from a cocoa tree (duh). I didn't know
we could consume the fruit just by itself. It is not only
sweet, it tastes a little like sour sop, but not that sour. LOL.

We had loads of fun digging and implementing our brains with knowledge. I think most of us would just love to have a small garden to do have our own vegetation. Imagine growing your own stretch of fruits. Whoaa, water melon and pumpkins, wouldn't it be awesome...

Back to the basic... plant your own choice of vege, grow it up without chemical assistance, pluck them off and voila, no poison added to your food no more and I live longer!!