Welcome to Gua Tempurung, where loads of adventure
and fun awaits you!! Cheyyy, tok only, I din go in also... :(
Just look see look see only...chiu!

They had a small equestrian horse ranch further down
where they offer rides and pettings.
The pony showed me his ass, celaka! And how did I know it was
a he? I know, cause I saw his dangling balls also... ZZzzZzz

Some random shots on the florals there. This is Canna Indica,
or commonly known as Canna.

This is the pricing board. Yes, I am reflected on the board...
Actually, the price for different entries aren't that bad.
If I had the chance, I would go for the Top Of The World (dry).
Have to be dry larh, or else how to take pictures... unless I
own some big shot water proof camera lor... :(

Just because Gua Tempurung wasn't in the itenary, and because we didn't bring proper attire along, this would be my suey case No.2 ... :( I really wanted to go in, ya know...