The World without Mechanical Engineers

Imagine driving our cars with our pair of legs! Reminds me of Yabba - Dabba- Doo, Flintstone. *smirks* Imagine driving with legs from Kepong to Puchong, *faints* and together with your load from Tesco, and the weight of your so called car, your mum, dad, bla bla, ahahaha.... No air-cond again, everyone will be smelling like *you know what I mean* by the time you reach your destination...

The World without Civil Engineers

"civil engineering is a great art, on which the wealth and well-being of the whole of society depends. Its essential feature, as distinct from science and the arts, is the exercise of imagination to fashion the products, processes and people needed to create a sustainable physical and natural built environment. It requires a broad understanding of scientific principles, knowledge of materials and the art of analysis and synthesis. It also requires research, teamworking, leadership and business skills." Go figure~!

The World without Communication Engineers

World without handphones, what sort eva PDAs, Tv sets, Video cams... there would not be any Prison Break, American Idol, BBC News, INTERNET, video porns, dirty phone calls, bla bla and bla. I can't talk to you on MSN anymore, can't play chain letters, NO MORE TAGGINGS on BLOGS, bla bla bla, but, good also don't have internet... Then no need everyday kasi sama tiu at Streamyx, (=_=)" make my life miserable only! Shesh~!!

The World without Computer Engineers

Ah, almost everything nowadays you see are being operated by computer systems. So try figuring out the world without them for a minute. Traffic lights go berserk, satellites go cuckoo, rockets fly out of space on their own, hospital machines go crazy, bla bla bla and bla.

The World without Electronic Engineers

You will not know what's going on in the world of politics (if there would be one then), you'll never get brainwashed by the stoopid moronic tv ads (which I'll blog somedays later), and you won't have to worry checking every mirrors in any changing rooms for spy cams. No more Ninja Turtles, no more Astro, no more porn channels to subscribe. No microwave, no air conds, no cinemas. So!

To all engineers out there, thank you for making the world a better place to live in. Thank you for all the luxury you gave to us. Thank you for making our lives easier.


ItchyHandseng said...

Wah so pro engineers.Are u 1 of them?haha

Calvin's Wife said...

ello there, no larh im not one of them.. Are YOU one of them? *grins*

Calv said...

i'm an engineer, so wat i get? *wink wink*

Calvin's Wife said...

ah? since when u engineer jek? and IF you were an engineer, i tabik lu larh, deng~!

Cavin said...

Hail To The Engineers.

They should have a public holiday for this; Engineers' Day.

Simple American said...

I'm very thankful for engineers. Especially when I see those rocks for counting. As an Accountant I would hate carrying those rocks or clinking the beads of an abacus.

Cute cartoons. You draw them?

Calvin's Wife said...

ahaha yeah, cavin, then the rest of other profession also wants their dedicated holidays to, doctor's day, designer's day, bla bla.. hehehe wooo then we got alot of holidays, cooooool..

SA, yea, imagining using rocks, or PEANUTS ahahaha, the floor would be full of it,

"2,000 peanuts + 56,890 peanuts = ??