*random comics fr the internet*

I kena tagged again, I think I'm the best person to be tagged. I always kena wan.. (=_=)" maybe because I'm too nice to do the taggings, hahaha.. hais, anyway this time I kena tagged from sweetie pie Jo, who baru balik from her home town. So, di bawah adalah jawapan saya kepada soalan-soalan yang telah dikemukakan oleh Cik Jo.

5 things found in your bag:

*Mobile phone, the most important thing in my bag
*Ciggies, sigh, gotta learn how to quit soon!
*Wallet, exterior big, but interior small...
*Lip Gloss, to look nice anytime I want
*Tissues, to wipe wipe, hehehe..

5 things found on your wallet:
*Money bills, but now getting thinner dee.. :(
*Identity card
*Driving license
*Credit card, *chuckles* almost bursting
*Picture of me & Mr.DearDear, muack muack muack~!!

5 favourite things in your room:
*Crystal geode, to gimme peaceful sleep.
*Mr.DearDear's sex drive, ngah ha ha ha
*Aromatheraphy duckies, to spice up the night!
*My bed, that is full of dirty lil' secrets, LOL
*My girlie stuff

5 things you always wanted to do:
*Write my own books, but I need GUIDANCE~!!!
*I want to go GREECE for my honeymoon, really~!!
*Own a business to entitle me early retirement.
*To be a forensic pathologist since high school, but my science is :(
*A never ending supply of good books to read!

5 things you are currently into:
*Australian chocolates
*Finding a hunk for Ms.Miri
*Mr.DearDear's smell, it's addictive
*A new mobile phone

5 people you tag:
*Weird Dan


Simmy said...


gonna do this on my next post okie ! no worries...*starts thinking who should i tag next*

zewt said...

hmmm... tagging should be banned... :P

Kenny Ng said...

So much tagging now days hor?

ItchyHandseng said...

i like the comic on top.haha.Everymorning wake up see full moon

Calvin's Wife said...

Simmy, LOL, hias if its not an art then what can i call it? Kih kih kih...

Zewt, can we do tat? LOL

Kenny, you also kena alot is it?

Itchy, full moon.. LOL

Simple American said...

You want to go to Greece? Well that explains the comic then. kekeke

Hey. I'm curious. What kind of writing would you like to do?

Calvin's Wife said...

SA, LOL, well yeah I would loooooove to go Greece someday... :P I would actually like to write a book on human behaviours in Malaysia. For THAT, i need to get myself a laptop.