Mr.DearDear posing with his glass of
red wine.

Everyone chilling while waiting
for the arrival of Mr.BOSS,
not to give muka I guess, but to make
sure he is the one paying later, LOL

The overall table placings
and ambience

The grilled stuff

The fresh seafood, yumyum

The buffet lining

The Argentinian wine

Last Saturday, Mr.DearDear brought me to his 'company dinner' @ Boulevard Hotel, Midvalley. It was a buffet thingy and the restaurant, which was Wild Rice, is quite okay. The ambience there is rather dim and it reminds me of Esquire Kitchen; open tables here and there, family dinners, bla bla and bla.

Food there is nice though, and fresh. For RM65++ per person, they have quite a variety of food selections and their ice lemon tea is nice, hehe. Their service is not bad, constant refills of beverages and clearance of plates :P. Everyone enjoyed their meal while talking craps and laughing around. Everyone had their booze, and constant refills of liquors. I was a little bored though, they were drinking and drinking and flushing down liquors while me, sitting at a corner looking around the restaurant with no one to talk to, damn...

Well, overall, it is a 7/10 rating. Go with your family during weekends, I bet your parents would love it. Oh I forgot, their dessert is so so only, not very nice. But the food is good :P. So go!


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

That bottle of wine look very invitting.Have a nice day & hope u get the hp lappy.

Huei said...


food!! they look yummy! =D

Calvin's Wife said...

Hello Horny, yea, but the wine is abit sour, i dun like it much.. :P thanks i hope i can win!

Huei, LOL food not bad, go try!

zeezee said...

Oyster & Wine!
Can i hv only these two??

Simple American said...

How wild was that rice? 0.0

Food looks good. I can eat all those shrimps no problem! :)

Calvin's Wife said...

ZeeZee, Owhh Oyster, yummy!! Come here n i'll serve you those! :P

SA, how wild was the rice?? LOL I dont know, I didnt order any of their rice... LOL