Halia, the main entrance

The open tables

Mr.DearDear's plate

Evelynholic's plate

Vanilla ice-cream with choco toppings

Connie's cake from the buffet, LOL

Connie & hubby-the-culprit, Ben

Halia can be found in the Sime Darby Convention Centre, Bukit Kiara. (opposite The Pusat Sains Negara on the way to Hartamas). They serve Brazillian buffet, mainly all sorts of meat. The waitresses and waiters come to you with skews of various grilled meat and serves you whichever you want. It's similar to Bom Brazil's along Changkat Raja Chulan, KL.

Halia though, does not give you the Brazillian ambience, kinda like.. Halia, very Malay oriented. Where as in Bom Brazil, you get to see at least a Brazillian flag, LOL and some other stuffs of Brazillian decor. Halia is much like a restaurant in a hotel, but in Bom Brazil, you get to feel something different. LOL, just ignore my thinking, I'm weird.

Anyways, we went there to celebrate Connie's birthday which is belated, *hehe*, so yea... per pax is RM34 on weekends. Weekdays would be RM28++. Food is not bad, I like the rolled bacon with chicken sausage, or something like that. Their dessert is nice, which are cakes. Overall rating is 7/10, for Bom Brazil I gave them a 8/10 last year. Hehehe.


Huei said...

the food looks SOOOOO delicious!!!

Jason Phoon said...

hey i live near there ! how come i never been to that place ! hrmmmm .. time to go ^_^

Calvin's Wife said...

Huei, yeah... tastes nice too, :P

Jason, you live in Hartamas kah?? ^_^..LOL you and ur small eyed lines.. LOL