I had participated in the HP Skin Contest which was advertised at their site and this site. Of course, the main purpose for me to join this particular contest is to win their Grand Prize, which is a HP Pavilion tx 1005 Entertainment Notebook PC worth RM4,999 for my beloved hubby. *grins* He's been ranting bout getting himself a notebook, so I joined this contest for the fun of it, and if I do get it, then Mr.DearDear would be happy. :)

I was sleeping this morning when someone rang my door. So I woke up to go get the door, a man from Citylink brought me a package. I was wondering who sent me a package, I thought it was a friend of mine, haha. No, it was from HP. I got myself a Cool Cat Beanie, supposedly the 9th entry will win him or herself a plush toy. So yeah, I had that from them.

And am still in the running for the Grand Prize, well, my design for the skin thingy is very very simple. LOL I guess I'm just hoping for thin air... hehehe, oh well, again, it's ok to wish sometimes. So yea, thank you HP for the cool cat beanie, it is cute, all black and wide eyed. :P

Sorry, the pic is a little blur, cos I was still blur from
my sleep when I took the pic, :P


alexiolim said...

too bad... it's open only for 15-25.

good luck to u evely... & may ur wish come true. hehe.

Cazzy said...

Oh cool! Aren't you just the lucky one.

Good luck on the grand prize!

Kenny Ng said...

Good luck! Sure u can win one!

Huei said...

heyy cute beanie!!!! =D

u'll win the contest..i sappot u!!! =D

Calvin's Wife said...

Alex, hie hie, yah for aged 15-25 only... well thank you, i hope so too. :P

Cazzy, :) hope I'll get lucky all the way!

Kenny, Thanks, would love to. ;)

Huei, hehe cute eh? Thanks... :P

Simple American said...

Oh! Thats a cute little kitty. Hey you may win. Simple is good. Lot of times people try to get too fancy and their design is too busy. Hard on the eyes or too expensive too produce.

So good luck. :)