Tonight will be the crucial one, only the first person from Malaysia who answers the next puzzle gets to march on with the other 21 pirates from all over the world to compete for the grand prize. Last night's puzzle was the worst one that one could have imagine, well maybe for me. And I will admit, I did not get the answer all by myself this time.

It has to do with the moon-ing and the degrees of the moon or some sort like that. It was major headache for me and Calvin. We even terbalikkan the monitor screen just to look at something, hahahaha, like an idiot! The answer was at my chatbox, I left it there yesterday. 3602S 17501E And, it indeed took us to the falls where Barbossa and the rest dropped off. But but but, I don't know where exactly it is, the lattitude and longitude pointed us somewhere nearby South Africa. Ah, who cares bout it.

Anyways, I hope tonight's puzzle is not gonna get me suicide.

I have been having good traffic for the past 3 days, maybe it's because of my postings on the hunt. So if you're from Malaysia and you're in here just to get tips, why you so kiasi to tell me if you're in the game or not wor?? Damn you, let tonight be the day your computer crashes, or streamyx down for you, LOL... Okay, am mean, grr!! *bites everyone*

This is the email Volvo had finally sent me. I tell you, these Volvo people are so biased. The States recieved them before everyone else in the world had. Mine just arrived today and this email was supposed to guide me throughout the last 3 puzzles. What's the use now??? I've passed the puzzles dee. Kanneh...

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