The Town
Everything you see here
are written in English and Jawi.
Every shop's name, bank, etc...

The National Mosque
Not like what I've expected,
it is plain and not as huge. Looks like
any ordinary mosques in Malaysia.

Istana Nurul Iman
Can't really see the castle, it was
on a hill shaded with trees. Hope to run
through the Sultan
and get invited in the castle, but no.

Jerudong Park
Closed on weekdays, dissapointed.
And there's no free rides anymore.
Gotta pay for each ride now.


Simple American said...

Really envious of ya! Looks like you had a cool trip. Adding more stuff to my list for when I invade Malaysia. :D

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL, yea I guess.... It's kinda a quite trip but you could experience it for yourself tho.. :)

Jen said...

oh. you didn't go to the jame'assr mosque? a.k.a. "THE MOSQUE" of brunei? the fully gold-domed one.

tht picture u took is an older mosque, the current sultan's father's mosque.

Calvin's Wife said...

Ah?? I also dunno what name this mosque is... :P

I did saw another mosque though.. but didnt stop by and snap snap... blame my tour guide, :P she didnt tell which was the main one, LOL...

You from Brunei I bet?