The Hotel
Spectacular view out to the
South China Sea.

The Pool
You'd wish to have your
tan done here. So romantic and
did I mention it was huge?

The Poolside Cafe
Enjoy your meal while looking
out to the sea.

The Sunset
Sunset by the pool, makes you
wanna do your love making
right there and then.


Be3^Be3 said...

hahaha........woman...i tot u want to bullS*** that you stayed at empire...hahaha...apasal tak ade... Takut terbocor rahsia??hiak hiak hiak!!
By the owe me something, B**....heheheheh....

Calvin's Wife said...

ahahahaha, u think im tat mean mou?? LOL... i dont owe u anything.. tat wan u ask Calvin larh~!! hahahaha

Simple American said...

What a nice looking resort. The pool looks so inviting. Hoo man!

Calvin's Wife said...

Yep also I forgot to mention that the pool is from the sea.... with fine beach sands at the pool's beneath.. cool huh