Kolok Mee
This dish is nice, the noodle
is springy and tho it is dry,
it tastes yummy with
minced pork.

I'll always remember this dish,
the noodle's like pan mee but
has the soup of bak kut teh.
How's that?! Delicious!!

Wantan, Miri's way
Almost similar to any wantan
store, but this one has
a different taste...

Wet Fried Kuey Teow
It's similar to Wat Tan Ho,
but without the egg and flour.
Weird but nice.


CoCoNuTiCe said...

arghh..i miss kolok mee..and siu mai..and and all those food

eh u didnt hv laksa sarawak ahh?

Calvin's Wife said...

Owh ya hor... damn, i forgot..~!! aiseh.. nvm next time

Wei Ping said...

A pure Mirian passed by to say hi and thank you for the picture. I miss authentic kolok mee a lot. Lucky there are still a few imitate one in Singapore to satisfy my craving.

Nice blog!

Simple American said...

The food looks so good. I wanna try some real Malaysian food. Not sure they have it here at the Malay Cafe. I'm betting it falls short.