I'm gonna make sure to watch these few movies. I missed The Reaping and I will not want to miss these 4 movies. Yes, I'm a magicland freak, besides horror stuff. I like movies with fantasy, dreamy land, Expeliammus (watever) spells, bla bla and bla. It's colorful and fun, kiddy but nice. *hehehe* Owh I missed Pan's Labyrinth too, :( because Mr.DearDear don't want to accompany me to watch it. Cisss!

Stardust is a novel written by Neil Gaiman, a magic fantasy fiction author. I've wanted to get that book the other time I was at MPH but passed it for Perfume. Maybe the next round I go, I'll get it. I still prefer reading the actual novel than seeing the movie. *grins*

I'm currently searching for great novels to read. Anyone has any suggestions? I don't want romance novels, fact novels, science fiction novels and autobiographies please. :P I scared I'll chuck the book aside and let them rot, haha.

p/s: mother's day pics coming up soon.


Munak said...

look out for books by Clive Cussler, his books are full of adventure, most of it related with underwater, kinda cool books, can get at MPH. My fav author

Cazzy said...

I can't wait for POTC3! Johnny Johhny he's so fine! He's so fine he blows my mind! :p

I can't recommend you any books cause I like pictures not words.

John said...

"...don't want romance novels, fact novels, science fiction novels and autobiographies..."

Any book by Grisham... heheheh...

But if you're still game for fantasy/sf, you MUST read American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Creapy but damn good ending. You could also check out Spin (Robert Charles Wilson), Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (Susanna Clarke), Paladin of Souls (Lois McMaster Bujold) and Hominids (Robert J. Sawyer).

Kalau semua itu tak nak, then read Lao Fu Tzi or Calvin & Hobbes saje... confirm best *winks*

zewt said...

oh, did you watch the bridge to terabithia?

Calvin's Wife said...

Munak, okie.. will look out for his novels when I'm at MPH. Should be fun... :P

Cazzy, you rhyme so well! :P Haiya, some things are better off in words. LOL... bila mau balik sini jenguk gua neh?

Howdy John! Please update your blog, reputing dee.. :P Hmmm, yea maybe I should try some of Neil's books... I'll look up for the others too, must read the sypnosis first.. :P I doe wan comics ler..ciss!!

Zewt, owhh is it showing dee? Or has it passed dee? I saw the trailer on apple... looks interesting... I already list it down on my must-buy DVDs.. :P

Simple American said...

Thanks for the head up on Stardust. Had not heard of that. I am a big fantasy fan so I will not want to miss that one. :)