Grrr~!! This game is harder than solving my stoopid high school's chemistry formulas. (=_=)" I finally made it to Antarctica, which would be puzzle 19th. *bites everyone* This particular puzzle made me squeezed all off my jus otak, tried all every hard ways the fler behind the flash programme had thought off... and finally the answer is so damn kao simple... Kanneh...

For those of you who are joining this hunt, the current answer for this gambar rajah is 649S 9634E. How?? *phbt* Somebody please kick me butt!!

Numbers on the crosses are :- (pick only those in bold)

6 - 6 1
4 - 2 8
3 - 3 7
9 - 5 4

Then, fill in the blanks according the numbers on the right in colored.

_ _ _ _ S _ _ _ _ E

which brings...

1(6) 2(4) 3(3) 4(9) 5(9) 6(6) 7(3) 8(4)

= 6439 S 9634 E

Tolol betol si Evie nih... *slaps myself* I went and minus, bahagi, darab, everything... in the end, the thing is soo damn simple.. I even looked up on the map given... (=_=)" And I stayed up till NOW, 0422 just to figure an easy question, which in the end I got the answer from a forum. *gah* Those peeps over there are smart peeps. I tatau camner dorang dapat menyelesaikan masalah yang diberikan. *sigh*

Now, I finally shared this puzzle, siapa lagi di Malaysia yang sedang main benda nih?? I need to know if you are as slow as I am or am I the only tolol wan here. ZzzZZzz.....

The next place would be Antarctica.

I'm gonna need some geologists help!! HELBERT~!! Where art thou when I need you~!!???