A blinding white, A feet of sight, I slowly moved my weight, Circling to the sign of eight.

Now, if you see the possibilities of eights we have in other languages, there is not a way we could walk in circles, as in moving our feet between 0 degrees and 90 degrees, therefore, the only eight we could walk out with our feet is an Oriya 8, whereby it is an eight with a straight line up and a stright line right. 90 degrees. But since they wanted a South and an East, we have to terbalik the S and E. Meaning... walking up is South, walking right is East.

5 steps South, no steps East

3 steps South, 9 steps East

4 steps South, 9 steps East

6 steps South, 4 steps East

0 steps South, 5 steps East

Final Answer : 5346S 9945E

Next location would be in Southern Ocean, which would be approximately 12 am our time tonight. Yes, meaning no sleeping tonight. Okay, this would not be the last open public puzzle. After this one, I guess.