Rating: 7/10

Rating: 10/10

Lotus Rice @ RM18 per plate
Rating: 6/10

Sweet Potato Leaves @ RM12 per plate
Rating: 7/10

Chicken with Lime Juice @ RM16 per plate
Rating: 8/10

Banana Freeze @ RM8 per plate
Rating: 8/10

Heard of Sao Nam Restaurant? You can find this Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant scattered around KL and PJ. The ones I've seen would be near Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang and Plaza Damas. Well, I think they were featured in The Star Kuali's a few times now. You can go and check them out at The Star Online.

What I like best was their Banana Freeze dessert, it is of course made of banana, with shredded coconut beneath the bananas, and best of all, chocolate syrup and grounded peanuts to topple it. And it is stone cold hard, it tastes better when slightly melted though. Also their Chicken with Lime Juice is juicy and nice. We were provided a kind of sauce to dip your chicken in, tastes even yummier.

Well, to be frank, I prefer Vietnamese Kitchen in One Utama. It's not that the food they serve over Sao Nam isn't nice, but not as tasty as Vietnamese Kitchen. Also, the price is also much more expensive if compared to Vietnamese Kitchen. The above dishes cost us RM80, while the last time we had vietnamese in One U cost us a mere RM60+ with 4-5 dishes. No doubt though, the presentation of each dishes at Sao Nam are neat and pretty, well, perhaps we're paying for the decors then.