Places you don't want to have high hopes for the Volvo Hunt 2007 finale!

The Dead Sea. We wanted to sink our treasure, not float it.

The Red Sea. Volvo's brand colors are blue.

The Sea of Love. While we truly admire our treasure hunt participants, this sentiment may be a little strong. Besides, it's a song.

The Sea of Tranquility. We wanted to make our hunt accessible to everyone, not just astronauts landing on the moon.

The Caspian Sea. It may be the world's mightiest lake, but it's no challenge for our sea-faring pirates. We needed a real high-seas adventure.

Off the Shores of Skeleton Island (a.k.a. Treasure Island). Way too obvious -- we learned from last year's Hunt that we have to keep our treasure hunters on their toes.

Bermuda Triangle. We wanted to make sure our treasure was difficult to find, not impossible.

Atlantis. It was a hot favorite, but we couldn't find it.

Sea World. We already have enough sharks going after our treasure.

Watergate. Enough people went under.

Aiseh, for fucks meh, I want to know where it is sunken~!! Not where it is not~! ARgh~!! *bites everyone* Does anyone knows where's the end of the world located?? Grrrr~!! Who else is playing this hair-dropping game??


Huei said...

i dun understand wut game it isss >.<

good luck!!