Finally, *phew* the end of everything. No more worries, no more map looking, well unless I'm that DARN lucky to have submitted the correct answer and the first one to submit it. *rolls up eyes* Volvo's site was farking slow... mine opened after 10 freaking minutes from the exact time... Damn...

Anyway, the sequence for the things that fall off from the cliff *according to my naked eyes* were:-

A lamp with the number 3 (arabic)
A bottle which I assumed was 1
A bottle which I assumed was 1
A bottle which I assumed was 1
A buoy which I assumed was 2 (2 patches of red)
A vase with the number 5 (brahmin)
A lantern with the number 4 (oriya)
A bottle which I assumed was 1

Number keyed in for the final answer was : 31112541 - eve

Since I had 3 of the pirate codes in my family, the other two would be:-

31117541 - calv

33332541 - mom

Oh well, I assumed we'll get the result tomorrow or the day after to see who will represent his/her country to compete against the other 21 countries... It's mind boggling, and puzzling and filled with anxiety.... o_0 Well, all I can say is.. good luck to the Malaysian dude or dudette to win the treasure and of course :( the Volvo Car~!!

Now I'll rest in peace... no more lattitudes and longitudes in my mind.... *peace off*


Huei said...

good luck!!! i support u!! =D

Calvin's Wife said...

Oh Huei, ... *grins* thank you... I really hope I get it, but people around me are darn smart... but I had fun, it was an experience, LOL... really like pirates chasing after treasures.. LOL