Dear all,

If you've always loved to own a watchdog for your house, or you just simply love having a big and playful dog in your home, we have a dog up for adoption. We are very sad of letting her go for she is a very good and smart dog. We have no choice because we are currently living in high rise buildings where no big dogs are allowed to reside at home with us.

Yogi is currently living in our grandma's house which is empty. She roams and plays in her front porch and has been living with us for 6 years before we've shifted into the apartments. The reason we left grandma's home is because grandma is coming home to live in her house soon, and she is old. She cannot afford to take a chance with a dog like Yogi, afraid that Yogi might be too playful and therefore, hurt her.

We have no other friends and family members that could afford to take care of Yogi. Our last choice would be the SPCA or PAWS, but we are trying our best to find her a good home with a good family that would love her. Please assist us to pass the word around. You could help us print the A4 size pin-up and pass them around the vets. We are currently doing that in some of the areas.

We would appreciate your help to find Yogi girl a better place and a better home. You never know how much this means to us, thanks.

p/s: Yogi knows how to sit, stay, hand (shake) and jump. She knows when to pretend all innocent when she's done a big mistake eg: tearing up pamphletes. She can sense when you are sick, angry and sad. She's a good smart dog.


Huei said...

omg! i would definately take her if i have the spaceee

i live in a rented room, so not enough place to keep another dog

cant u sneak her into your place??

aww..hope you find a good and safe place for her!!