Today I shall teach my audience the art of Gua Sha. (cheyyy big timer, hahahaha) I will be introducing you the basic steps of Gua Sha to a healthier body and a perfect sleep. Right, so what is Gua Sha anyway? Gua means scrape, and Sha means blood stagnations. Gua Sha has been practiced by the Chinese people since a long long time ago. People back then used chinese soup spoons as a Gua Sha tool. Now, you can get proper tools from selected chinese pharmacies. The ever famous tool would be a flat board made out of buffalo horns.

Now, Gua Sha is practiced to remove blood stagnations that blocks the surface tissues that impedes the organ and immune function. It also releases 'heat' and helps you to relieve muscle tensions. Best of all, Gua Sha can also assist you in relieving headaches. Want to know how? Read on. ;)

Firstly, I would like to show you how to perform a simple Gua Sha session with a buffalo horn board. Pardon me for the following drawings because my Calvin is kinda camera shy when he is half nude, :P, and his body is for my eyes only, he he he. So, how do you know you have Sha in your body? You can always perform these few easy steps to find out right away.
  • Lean against anything that would make out lines on your back skin, if the lines are in dark red, then you need to perform a Gua Sha.
  • If you have stiffed or aching muscles, you need to release 'heat' from your body with Gua Sha.
  • Press your skin for a few seconds and release them, if your skin remained blanched and took a very slow time to fade off, you need a Gua Sha.
Now that you already know how to detect them, I will teach you how to perform a simple Gua Sha. Please follow the pictures in order.

Tools that you need for Gua Sha:- Aromatherapy oil, Gua Sha board, and a glass of water. (note: Always tilt your Gua Sha board a 30 degrees clockwise when scraping)

Apply a layer of aromatherapy oil on the designated area.
Follow the strokes and scrape according to arrow. Repeat 10

times per arrow and then proceed to the next number.
(eg: 1 = 10, 2 = 10)
Repeat the whole process again for the last time.

Apply a layer of aromatherapy oil on the designated area.
Follow the strokes and scrape according to arrow. Repeat 10
times per arrow and then proceed to the next number.
(eg: 1 = 10, 2 = 10)
Repeat the whole process again for the last time.

Don't be freaked when you see dark red maroon
spots after the Gua Sha procedure. They are just
blood stagnations that were being raised out
from your body. ;) Please drink a glass of
water everytime your Gua Sha session is over.
Water is to detox away the toxics in your body.

It is recommended for every individual to perform Gua Sha every twice a month. There will always be Sha in your body even though you think you're healthy. ;) It is not a painful procedure, but it will only leave abusing marks on your body ;).

Like I've said, you can relieve headaches right away with just a few scrapes. First, you need to 'open up' the core which is situated at the very tip of your head. You need to scrape it from inwards to outwards, like opening a durian. Well, take it as if your head is a durian. Go to the tip, and scrape it outwards to the right, repeat that a few times then switch to the left.

After you've done that, you can always try to find the spot that is causing your headache. Scrape it up and down, gently. It helps you to soothe away your headache. Another easier method would be scraping your eyebrows. ;) Scrape your brows from the inner to the outer, slowly and gently. This does not only helps you to relieve headaches but helps you to grow more hair on your brows too, how's that! Oh, you don't have to use essential oil for your brows and head by the way, ;) you have enough hairs to cover your skin and make it 'lubricated'.

Now that you've learned the easy basic of Gua Sha, please always remember to use light pressure when scraping. You can gradually increase the pressure once you're adapted to it, or unless you are born thick skinned, then hard pressure would not be a problem for you. ;P.

Have fun!


Cazzy said...

Eh, do for me la. I need that. I got angin la. Mark oso got lots of angin. always fart like nobody's business.

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL, you dont be siao, how to do for you, you're so far away, you can try doing it yourself la... you can use a shilling to do if yo don't have the proper tools. Also can substitute oil with lotion. ;)

Iced Nyior said...

evie, i go to ur place and ask u to do for me lah..hihihi

Calvin's Wife said...

Dun wan la.. must bogel wan neh.. (=_=)" u ask your boypren tolong ler.. (=_=)"....

Jason Phoon said...

Chehhh .. I thought you can charge people for Gua Sha sessions.

now that's a business opportunity ... ^_^

Calvin's Wife said...

HAhaha, they are just basic steps. How to open business when everyone can learn to do it. Simple only, you try lah, ask Stephanie to help you, LOL...

zewt said...

used to do this for my mom... she has a booklet for it. after that... it will really leave a very dark red mark...

Endoh Taiki said...

The first thing I think of... sand paper! LOL!

Calvin's Wife said...

zewt, ;) yes it does, that dark marks are the Shas. Maybe you can now try them on Julez or ask her to perform them on you. ;)

Engoh, LOL SAND PAPER?! Hahahaha, hmmm, kinda true, the after effect on your skin looks like it been rubbed off with sand paper. LOL

hao said...

I heard that going the opposite direction to the brain is dangerous right?

Calvin's Wife said...

Arh?? Owh as in scrape upwards is it? Hmm, Gua Sha must scrape downwards... but I don't really know whats the consequences if you scrape them upwards... Must ask my hubby first. ;)