I have 2 free passes to watch Genting International Jazz Festival on the 8th and 9th of June. The pass is valid for 2 days, but I'm afraid I can't make it this weekend. I'm giving them away to any Jazz lovers out there who would love to experience this festival. The ticket costs RM100 for 1 day pass and for RM150 for 2 days pass. Please reply me ASAP for you need to collect the tickets BY FRIDAY!

This will help to explain everything:-

Dear Mr/Madam/Miss,

You have been selected as a winner of the Genting International Jazz Festival online contest, and you have successfully won two (2) Genting International Jazz Festival event passes. (for the 2 days of the event)

Please collect your passes at Genting International Showroom Box Office ticket counter on the following dates and times.

08 June 2007 (Friday).
Please note that you need to collect your passes on 08 June in order to be entitled for the 2 day pass. There will be no redemption of passes on the 09 June.
12:00 noon to 6.00pm

IMPORTANT : Pls present the print out copy of this e-mail and also your IC during collection of tickets at Box Office ticket counter.

If you wish to send a representative, kindly inform him/her to bring along a printed copy of this email and the photostated copy of the winner's IC

* Your passes will automatically be forfeited if you do not collect it by 08 June before 6 pm. So please inform me ASAP if you want them. :) Maybe Fiona would want it? LOL


Iced Nyior said...

got free room or not?

hehehe :P so sweet of you to think of me first. Would love to go but im off to Kuching this weekend! yahoo!

Calvin's Wife said...

Fiona, :( no rooms included... heheh of course I remember to think of you, you're the girl who loves Genting for *** purposes, hahahhahha....:P

Owh means you cannot go larh... then it's open to others lor..

gryphon said...

hi...would love the tickets...but first would like to congratulate you on reaching the finals of the Volvo hunt. Chanced upon your blog through the prometheus site. Also keyed in the right co-ords but guess you were much quicker :-). How was the final clue? Wish you all the best!

Anyway, if the tix are still available, let me know. Cheers X.

Huei said...

congratulations for ur tix! heheheh

*opens wallet* no moneyyyy! =P hehehe

Calvin's Wife said...

hello gryphon, :) thanks for dropping in my blog, and thanks for the wishes. There's no final winner though, another puzzle to be opened tomorrow for all finalists, LOL...

If you want the tickets please tell me aight?

hie huei, how r u doing? LOL... sudah keluar salary maaah.. no meh?

gryphon said...

Yes I would like the tickets so if u still want to give them away, please let me know how to collect.

Good luck for tomorrow!

Calvin's Wife said...

gryphon, leave me your email then? I'll send you the email and my scanned IC for you to go and collect the tickets then... :)

gryphon said...
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Ai said...
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Ai said...

hurry! Guinness 9-Ball Pool Invitations. First 35 only! http://www.astro.com.my/oap/07/nineball/default.asp *Santa*