The Queue In

Me & Hubby at the Concert

Good Charlotte in Action

Good Charlotte w I Just Want To Live

The Many Hands of Camera Phones

As promised, here are the pictures I've took from the previous Good Charlotte concert which was, I know, long time ago. Sorry for the delay, I am indeed a slow mover. *grins* Anyway, most of the pictures and video clippings aren't that good in quality. As you can see, I'm quite a far away from the stage. And with the many hands blocking my camera's view, you will just get blurred shots of the hands swaying their life away with the music. So yeah, these are the best I can provide to my blog.

Video ain't that good either. All you could see are hands and hands and cameras and phones, and the sumbang voices of the crowd over powering Good Charlotte's. Oh well, :P. It was fun though. The previous post on them without the visuals is located here. Enjoy your weekend!


Iced Nyior said... outdated oredi these pics

Calvin's Wife said...

ahahaha, bangang~!! Wat to do, my step dad gave them to me a little too late!!

Huei said...

wow cool new template! so nice!!

must be really nice being a designer! =D

Endoh Taiki said...

I am not a fan of rock bands, but Good Charlotte is definitely one of the better ones, among the likes of Radiohead etc.

Calvin's Wife said...

Huei, hello there, thanks :) being a designer sucks but it has its advantages. :P

Endoh, Radiohead me not big fan. :P Actually not a really big fan of Good Charlotte's too... :P LOL